Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Are you sure that it's the money?

I was surfing the net a while ago because of a search for part-time jobs this summer. I am kind of determined to find one because I hate to realize that because of my fault, my mom is spending more on me than how much she needs to do so. So I was on this search and I hate why those sites which are really trustworthy and will give you the answers to your questions hide their existence on the web and those which are revealed and on the top of the search list are usually scammers who live life to fool people. That is the way the web usually works for me and I am kind of used to that way.
A site which says they will give you surveys from sites like Amazon and EBay and to answer them is what you need to do to earn bucks caught my attention. I like the idea that you will just sit back and relax and earn eventually. It was like saying you’ll lie down and sleep with your mouth open and an Italian pizza will land on your mouth for free. I wasn’t fully in trust. I know that life is so difficult and there are a lot of jobless people worldwide. If money is just that easy, there will be no problem and there will be no poverty at all but there is still. Nevertheless, I became interested and thought that it won’t cost me anything if I read further and analyze what they are after and what they offer. I let my critical mind rule the scene.

The site was good and very attractive, as a matter of fact. There were testimonies from people who became a Cinderella on their own life because of that site. I mean, those “from rags to riches” sort of things and they were smiling on their pictures. That was really convincing. As I continue reading, a line caught me and drove me into writing here: You will have a happy life after you register in here for a discounted offer of eleven dollars. I beg to disagree though I know that the site needs that kind of sweet words in order to magnetize possible “workers” or “customers”. It’s just that after reading the line, I wondered instantly how they were sure that after registering there, someone will have a happy life. It is something which is very difficult to achieve. We always have an idea about something but we were never sure about those until such time that it happens. Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. After registering there and paying the fees they are requiring you, you might find yourself in a situation where you never dreamt to be in and you cannot do anything about that. Let us say that it’s true that you’ll earn a lot of money. Let us say that you’ll be the richest man / woman in the world with just answering surveys. Let us say that what they are telling you about money are all true. Do these guarantee us a happy and satisfying life after all?

I am just seventeen, yes, and I cannot talk much about hearing the cries of your first-born or seeing your child graduate from college. I have no right to describe the feeling to be married or see your groom waiting for you in front of the altar. I have limited experience about life but this doesn’t hinder me of the truth that the best things in life are free and the best things in life aren’t actually things. Maybe money can really fly me to Paris and buy me a Porsche but what were those things if I wasn’t able to share them to the person whom I am dedicating my life to? What makes human happy, particularly me, is to make and see others happy. When I say “others”, it seldom means an arbitrary person. It points out to the person who is dearest to my heart: family, friends and special someone (cough! CHGA :D ).

If ever I will be working in summer and if ever I will engage myself in a part-time job, it will simply be to lighten my mom’s burden and help her reduce the expenses. It may also be because of boredom and just to focus my mind on other things. It will never be to give me lots of money which will make me happy, according to the advertisement.

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