Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Farewell to a New Hero

It was last Friday when the news about Francis Magalona broke. I was at school and text messages about his death spread like cheese on a hungry bread. I did not want to believe it unless I was able to confirm it myself. The news was too sad that thinking that it was possible made me kind of affected and bothered. I just find it depressing to think that the Master Rapper of the Philippines is now with our Creator.

I am not Francis' avid fan. I am not related to him at any case. Yes, I listen to his songs and watch him on television but I don't go running after him whenever I will meet him on malls. He is a celebrity but his photos are not on my room. Though I don't idolizes him that much, I still believe that Kiko is a modern day hero. He is, in any sort, an icon that will forever linger on memories of Filipinos. He is a rapper but not that kind with false notes and failed lyrics. He made sensible songs which mainly focus on nationalism and patriotism. He was not intimidated by the rising stars who talks and sings in a foreign language. He was very unlike those prevailing people who raps out of tune and those lyrics which are about violence and hatred. Francis was able to use his talents well in order be the best person that he can be.

So why I am talking about this? I have nothing to do with his death. After seven months of fighting his ailment, he finally surrendered. Leukemia, that is. That acute disease was the one which stole all his youthfulness and excitement about life. The disease left him weak and made him quit show business. I just cannot believe what happened. When I first heard about his situation, months ago, I was shocked but after watching some of his interviews and seeing that he is still the rapper who is full of energy, I thought that he was okay or if not okay, he was getting better. He was just 44 and that forty-four years of his existence made a big difference. I have read a couple of blog posts made by other Filipinos about him: his death, his contribution and his life, and truly, we won't write about him here if we are not touched of how his life went. If I was not inspired at all, I must be blogging about ice cream or chaos or frustrations today. He is really amazing! I get goosebumps each time I try to visit his account. It gives me the idea that it is what's left of him and yes, his ideas will be immortal now. Somehow, I was thinking that that is what's going to happen with this blog, too. It scares me, honestly. I don't want to think about death yet. I don't want to deal with those things when all the while I was dreaming as if I am going to live forever. It gives me the goosebumps too whenever I am relaxing with my player on my side and I will hear his songs. I can imagine him singing then lying on the coffin.

I admire his wife. Pia is her name and she swallowed all the optimism in the world. I admire her because she knows how to handle difficult situation and knows how to serve as a pillar of strength to the rest of the family. I can see that though the lost is paining her, she is trying to smile because her husband was happy when he died. She was happy, too, because she felt that Francis was able to do all he needs and wants to do. His life was a fully-satisfied one although it was short.

In the entertainment arena of Philippine television, I seldom see males crying. Yes, they may cry on shows and soap operas but they seldom, almost never, cried genuinely in front of a camera. They are protecting their images, perhaps, but as the news broke and tributes for Francis was being conducted here and there, they were all showering into tears. They said that it was because of the industry's lost but the greater pain lies on losing their idol, their mentor and their friend. There is something with Francis that he was able to touch lives even if some people were not given the chance to be close with him. He was a kind person and I can say that because it shows on the number of crying and depressed people on his wake. I cannot think of a flaw which is related to him. He is a kind father, a husband which fidelity and love belongs to Pia alone and a son with so much proud parents. If all the people will have a Francis M. in them, maybe we will be living in a better place with better neighbors.

So long, Mr. Francis Magalona,you did a great job living here!


lucas said...

i watched the primetime news last night and i was on the verge of tears watching and hearing people reciting their eulogies for kiko...

such a beautiful soul. T_T

Rhaingel said...

We share the same sorrow..