Sunday, March 01, 2009

If I Were A Boy

If one day, I woke up and face the mirror and saw a boy, I’ll know how and why it happened. For days, I’ve been endlessly singing Beyonce’s If I Were A Boy. Addiction, eh? I prefer to call it my Last Song Syndrome. I just cannot get over such a beautiful song. It’s something that makes me want to say, “Awww” for it hit those lines the way it should be hit. It’s perfect for those women who had a bad experience on love.

First, I would like to clarify that I have nothing against boys. I don’t have hard feelings towards the other gender. I do not have the anger and sourness and I cannot relate on Beyonce’s song. I just find it great and nice, especially the lyrics though I can’t find myself in there. I must admit that once in my life, I’ve experienced losing the one I wanted because I was taken for granted like the girl in the song but then that didn’t stop me from seeing the beauty of life. I learned from what happened and now, I am still in good terms with the one who broke my heart. I think that to conclude that I am not bitter or any of the like is very important in this post. I remember reading in a magazine the line, “Boys are taught not to make a girl cry ever since they were young,” I believe that when they do, it’s for a very good reason. Their reasons may sound silly but I know that they did everything they can in order to save everything. It’s just that some things don’t turn out that well.

Going back to the song, I thought about another what if. If I were a boy, my name will be Francis or Gabriel. I just thought that those names are great. I will be a boy who looks nice and clean and wears a polo shirt, a wrist watch in his left hand and no piercing for I find them attractive. I won’t be afraid to show my feelings for that is the only way a girl can understand me and know more about me. I will be open to her and try to tell her exactly how I feel. Openness means a lot. I’ll make her feel that I trust her, telling her how I felt when this and that happened. It’s something I know she would appreciate. I’ll make her feel special by paying attention on what she’s talking about though it may sound senseless and boring. I’ll still listen because I know that in that way, she finds a refuge in my company. I’ll tell her about my childhood and those other moments I spent before she came. In that way, she’ll be aware of the great difference she made into my life. If I were a boy, I’ll never let my girl be jealous of someone less valuable than she is. I know how it hurts and I don’t want her to feel inferior about herself. I’ll set aside pride and apologize if I believe that I hurt her at some point and do my best to make up for it. I’ll make her smile all the time and when I sense that there’s something wrong or there is a problem, I’ll buy her an ice cream or crack the funniest joke I know or dance stupidly in front of her and other people in order to see her smile again. I’ll tell her that I love her and mean it all the time. I know how it cheers up a day to hear those honest words. I’ll look into her eyes and tell her how much she means to me. In that way, she’ll forever be assured of my feelings. If I were a boy, I’ll sing to her those songs she longs to hear. I’ll be holding her hand and not let go. I’ll be nothing but faithful to her and make sure that I am treating her the way a princess is supposed to be treated.

If I were a boy, I’ll be fond of board games, puzzles and basketball. I’ll be developing biceps and broaden my shoulders and deal with Philosophy subjects at the same time. I’ll write poems and drive a bike or a motorcycle. If I were a boy, I’ll know how it feels to be dumped and taken for granted too. Maybe after turning into a woman again, I’ll swear I'd be a better one.


lucas said...

wow...thanks for sharing your thoughts about this one. i believe you're an open-minded person and definitely not a sexist. ahehehe!

i think when we guys hurt a girl, it also hurt us in some ways we're too proud to contemplate...


Rhaingel said...

Thanks for dropping by! I try my best to be an open-minded person. I really believe that as much as possible, we try our best to save everything and not to hurt others but that's impossible.

Thanks for sharing another thought. I grow as I read comments :D