Sunday, March 01, 2009

My Week: The Rise of the Ants

I spent my SUNDAY in the blog-o-sphere where I feel like I am abandoning soon. I don’t want to do it. It’s just that I am running out of ideas and that the week is getting tighter that I cannot handle everything I am assigned to do. I did not write that much that week and I used my Sunday to make up for those posts I wasn’t able to do.

MONDAY was very idle, as it always has been. Every Monday, I find myself struggling and dealing with my laziness. I know what to do. I am aware of my responsibilities as a student but it simply drains my energy to realize that here is another week and I have to spend it some place quite far from home. It makes me want to sleep during Sunday night then just wake up on Tuesday morning, skipping everything that has something to do with Monday. Nevertheless, I spent it on our home and never caring if tomorrow’s classes are too early for me.

TUESDAY started so early for me. I slept at one in the morning and woke up at three in the morning to head to the university. That is the price I had to pay for prioritizing my laziness last Monday. It was okay. I had a good night sleep and had a very good day. I remember my Tuesday as a Cbox day because my friends and I used the Cbox in this blog to kind of communicate though we were just in a particular place. I found my simple happiness in there: no complexity and no intricacy in its structure, just being happy and that’s something genuine. I went home with a smile and back ache but it was okay. Nothing beats celebrating life.

WEDNESDAY was such a long day but a happy one. Upon remembering, I stop and say, "I love it!" There is this play we have to watch and it starts when the sun has already set. I love everything that happened. My friends concluded that the ants revenged upon seeing my love and I together. Being with him is my definition of being in heaven and spending most of my waking hour with him is really something to be thankful for. We watched a play of someone termed to as a flirt and I must say that I really learned lot from the play. My Wednesday was a taste of soda and burger. It was something that life offers and I just can’t refuse. A long walk with him is something that makes my heart swell with joy and every time it happens, the world cracks open.

THURSDAY was once again kind of long. Cards are the ultimate thing to play on when there’s nothing much left to do. It may sound so usual but in reality, it isn’t. I just cannot describe how happy I am to stay on his shoulders while minutes are passing slowly. Things just can’t get any better and with that I am certain. We walk to the terminal where vehicles are waiting and no walk will be much sweeter than that. We are both under the same starry sky, enveloping the love in the atmosphere. I went home with so much glee. Damn! How can I ever get over with such a happy week? :D

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