Saturday, March 28, 2009

Summer Fun

I have too many plans for the summer and I have a feeling that if I did not organize it, I’ll end up not accomplishing anything from those plans. I’ll be having my summer classes from seven until ten in the morning and I am going to do that for roughly two months yet I should not let that summer class hinder me from enjoying the heat of summer sunshine. After all, summer is too fun for me to just let it pass.

1. Read four novels. I have a lot of e-books which I wasn’t able to read because of a very busy schedule. Four the summer season, I’ll read four no matter what and that will count in my goal of reading 18 for this year.

2. Finish my novel. I am making a novel and hush because it is supposed to be a secret. I won’t let out any details about it. The descriptions will be heard as soon as I am done with it. I am doing it once in my life or maybe two if the circumstances call. I did not write it for fame or money. I am writing it because there exists such a great story really worthy to be written. Actually, it is in Filipino because many says that I write better in my native language. This summer season, I am aiming to finish it because as soon as the first semester of the school year 2009-2010 strikes in, I’ll focus on other things again. I don’t want it unfinished.

3. Get a minimum of six hours sleep a day. A part of me is health-conscious which I think, I should be. Since the school year has started, I sleep at 12 and wake up at 5. Five hours of sleep is too short for me to renew all of my energy and regain the enthusiasm that Math has stolen from me. This summer, though I’ll still deal with Math, I’ll pamper myself by getting a minimum of six hours sleep a day. Hmmm… sounds relaxing!

4. Pass Math. I think it’s enough that I failed Math 63 once. It’s enough for me to learn my lessons and correct them. Now that I am dealing with it the second time around (and hey! A part of me is still stunned about the fact that I failed. Sigh), I’ll remember everything and love it with all my heart. I mean, I’ll deal with it while I am in school and I’ll study my lessons at home, too. I’ll solve for difficult exercises and not be contented that I get the concept alone. I’ll deal with the difficulty and not let a day pass that I don’t know or I am still doubtful about the lesson. I’ll strive to not just pass it but aim for higher grades.

5. Lastly, I’ll write everyday and when I say write everyday, it may not be in this blog. It may be a post or a letter or a simple realization in my diary. I believe that writing can be very therapeutic- it will clean the inside of me and will help me cope up with stress and anxiety. At the same time, writing makes me feel that I always have someone to listen to me although I may post and people may not read. I’ll give this blog more attention this summer season.

This is my initial list of things to accomplish this summer. Initial because I feel like adding things to do as soon as I feel that these are just very easy to achieve. Right now, these are just my plans maybe because I don’t want to plan something which I am not sure that I will achieve. I don’t want to say things and promise myself but I won’t accomplish.

Have a happy summer, bloggers!

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