Saturday, March 07, 2009

True Filipina Beauty

Last night, the search for Binibining Pilipinas occurred. It is a beauty pageant for Filipinas and the winner in the prestigious contest will be competing in the Miss Universe pageant. I was amazed. The contestants for this year are all pretty and seem to be worthy for the title. Just a little secret: I am a frustrated beauty queen. When I was young, about three or four, my mom tells me to be careful on playing outside. I shouldn’t have any imperfection in my body. Scars are not for a grooming Ms. Philippines. She told me that one day, I’ll be competing in the same pageant and I shall win the crown. Too bad! I didn’t grow up. I just grew old.

Last night, I was listening to the answers of the contenders. To answer wittily is a big point to win the title. They are smart, thinking that they are feeling nervous while they were answering those questions. I cannot think of good answers whenever tension eats me. Being frustrated as ever, I made my own answers on some of the judges’ questions and imagined myself standing there, trying to smile despite of the anxiety and trying to answer truthfully. This is how my imagination went:

“If you will have a son one day, what will you tell him about women?”
Good evening! Thank you for asking that beautiful question (Well, that’s vital, right? Admit it or not, it makes the people and judges impressed). If ever I will have a son one day, I will tell him that women are more sensitive than men and so he has to make more effort in taking care of their fragile feelings. He should listen to her no matter what the case is for in those ways, he will be a respectable man.

“What is your dream wedding like?”
My dream wedding is something solemn and peaceful and something that will make the world jealous. It doesn’t need to be that exaggerated. As long as the people close to me and my Mr. Right’s heart is there, it will be enough. My dream wedding will something that will manifest genuine happy people. Something with smiling audience as I trudge my way to the man I love the most.

“What is your definition of fun?”
Fun for me is something that will bring out the loudest laugh in you, something that will be forever indispensable in your memory and something that made you eliminate all those painful “what-if’s”.

These are the questions I saw as interesting and made me think about my situation and insights. The one who won is the one who caught my attention right from the start of the pageant. She answered the first question I answered here and she said that she will be educating her son about respect for women. The way she answered the question makes it very convincing and struck everyone. I do believe that she deserves to represent the country for Miss Universe. She has what it takes to be one. I am very excited for her.


lucas said...

if you were one of the contestants last night... would've won. :)

great answers. i'm impressed. clap! clap!

Rhaingel said...

haha. I am touched. Thank you so much! Kaso wala eh. Frustrated beauty queen. haha. :D

Anonymous said...

Hey Rhaingel!! Sorry I haven't been around much lately, just working my tush off as usual!! LOL, I love this post, and yes I agree, I think you would have won too girl!!!! I love your honest answers to the questions, every young woman should expect respect from a man, and teach their sons to as well. I have 2 boys and I've tried my best to teach them to respect women, but I tell you, it is harder than you would think! take care my dear friend,
Julian :) oxxo

Rena said...

Great answers, Rhaingel. I've never been into pageants much, but they are very popular. It sounds like the winner had a great answer about having a son.

Rhaingel said...


Thank you so much! I am hoping that things are doing good for you. I can hardly imagine how difficult it is to teach them but through a great mother like you, I know that they will all be respectable men in the near future. Take care my friend! xoxo :D


Thanks you so much, Rena. I've been to pageants twice, I think. The winner had a great answer and she is really pretty. I believe that she is very worthy for the title. :D