Sunday, March 22, 2009

What If A Different Topic

Last Thursday, our Communication 3 class had an impromptu speech. We picked a topic from our professor’s envelope and tell everything about that topic in the spur of the moment. What I chose was “Tell something about your favorite television entertainment talk show” and I was like, “How lucky I am to choose this one. The truth is, I haven’t watched seriously any of these on my seventeen years of existence." Because I have frustrations regarding that speech, I imagined what shall happen if I picked my other classmates’ topic. I am not envious. I am happy and contented with my life. But I think that it could have been better. Okay. Okay. This is just a what if. There are no regrets, just lessons learned (wink).

“What is your stand regarding love is blind?” Love is blind? I don’t think so. If love is really blind, people will not see anything in relation to the one they love but since they do, love is not blind. For me, it simply doesn’t care. I mean, a person knows that the one they love is not that good-looking and doesn’t have a great body but they don’t care about that because what they are after is their magical feelings and the attitude of the one they love. For me, love is so powerful that it looks beyond the imperfections of someone. It is so sincere and true that it doesn’t focus only on the bad side. Instead, it looks on the strength of a person and makes it even stronger. A person pays more attention to the helpfulness of their love one rather than her damaged hair. A person sees her/his partner’s good heart rather than her dirty nails. It’s not blind. It is simply not a perfectionist. It is very considerate.

The next topic I found very interesting is, “What was the best thing that your parents taught you?” My father and mother are separated and to answer this question will surely give me the tears. It will make me realize those things that I haven't fully accepted. Nevertheless, I want to answer still because who knows, a person with the similar problem may hop into this post and might find a comfort and refuge in the honesty of my writing. I might be able to help him/her. The best thing I learned from my parents is that amidst the diversity, remain strong and stable. I cannot say that through these years, I’ve been very strong. That will be a lie because I cry inside of me. I just don’t show it to my mom because she sees me as a pillar of her strength and to cry in front of her will make her cry, too, and might cause her to blame herself. I cannot say also that I have been very stable with my feelings. There came a time when anger dominated my heart and all I am thinking about is how to revenge and show my father that karma is real but after watching my life failing and seeing that I am not happy to see my father suffering, I realized that I can’t let my emotions eat me. I cannot let my emotions change the likable person I used to be. I am still so young and I have a great future ahead only if I will be willing to move on with my life with happiness and forgiveness and not make vengeance as my goal. I won’t achieve anything if I’ll continue that and I’ll just be miserable with my life if that’s the case. I realized that they are my parents and whether I like it or not, it will be forever, like a scar, like a curse, like a tattoo. I cannot do anything with that and I should take in consideration the fact that they are the reason why I am here now. They were the ones who made me breathe and made me luckier than the other people who surround me. I just need to hug the situation I am currently in and make appropriate actions to contradict every bad happening. I learned indirectly that though I may have a broken family, I should not break my life and prove all and sundry that not all children of broken family are rebellious and that I can make my life a very meaningful one even with these kinds of situations. It is still up to me.

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