Sunday, April 26, 2009

Better Questions

As a promise, here are ew sets of questions. Feel free to grab them (wink).
1. Do you prefer warm or cold weather?
I prefer cold weather. That kind of weather is perfect for just staying home and staring outside the window, wondering how many other people are doing the same.

2. Last thing you bought?
A powercard.

3. Have you ever been in a hotel room lately?
No. The last time when I was in a hotel room was when I was still in grade four and my family had a Hong Kong summer vacation.

4. When was the last time you cried?
A while ago. I am not sad. I just watched the family of Francis Magalona (died about two months ago) singing his signature songs on television and everyone in the studio was singing with them. Nothing can drive people all together for support other than the Master Rapper.

5. Have you ever get drunk with your number one?
I haven’t got drunk, honestly.

6. What is your ideal partner?
My ideal partner is someone who knows what I need without me mentioning it and is sensitive enough for all of my needs. I prefer someone who can cheer me up and can give me a lot of endorphins and can also share serious talks with me. I want someone who is strong enough to live without me but chooses not to.

7. Do you want to tell someone something?
Yes. There are a lot of people whom I want to tell something to and I don’t know what’s stopping me from telling them. Maybe it’s the fear of possible consequences… but I hope that someday, I can tell them directly and situations may become lighter.

8. Have you ever told anyone you were okay when you really weren’t?
LOL. I did… so many times already, but special people can figure out that I am actually dishonest. Saying “I am okay” when I am actually not is the short cut to avoid people being sorry for you. Somehow, when I do this, I am holding back my pride. It is the safest way.

9. How old do you think you will be when you finally want to have kids?
I don’t have any idea yet. It’s so early to think about those things. I am just seventeen, still too young for raising kids of my own. For now, Math is enough. How I wish that it will always be enough.

10. Would you ever forgive someone if they cheated on you?
I guess so. After all, time heals all wounds, right? If ever someone cheated on me, I’ll be angry for some time then realize that they are not worthy of my attention, not even my anger so why bother. Eventually, I’ll learn to forgive but maybe I won’t forget.

11. When is the last time you talked to number 1 on your top friends?
Hmm… if chatting is considered as talking, it is just a while ago but if not, it was still last March.

12. Have you lost contact with someone you miss?
*sigh* No. I have contacts with him.

13. How are you feeling right now?
I am tired of Math. I spent the whole day solving for related rates and feeling bad about myself whenever I cannot solve for something. Argh! After this, I’ll be back to solving again those items which I set aside a while ago.

14. How do you want your next birthday?
I want it to be happy… happier than I already am, if that is still possible.

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