Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Book to Remember

April 19, 2009
Dear Friend,

I have just finished reviewing for my Math exams tomorrow. It took me five hours to gain the confidence that I’ll do well for that exams. This is very important for me, not to my grades but to my personality. This is the second time that I am going to take a similar exam and if this is going to be easier or more difficult, that’s not the issue. The thing is that, since this is already my second encounter of the topic, I should find it a piece of cake and be able to understand it clearer. A while ago, I found myself struggling with pride. To fail Math 63 is one thing and to fail it again is another. The first thing happened but it’s too much if the latter will also occur. It will really suck up all of the self-esteem which I was able to gain over the past years. Now, I swear, I am doing more than what I did for the first time. There is no more valid excuse for failing.

Anyway, this day is not just about Math. I decided to open the folder in my computer that contains unfinished e-books. I also finished reading A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks, my fifth novel for this year and my second for this summer season. I cried a lot when I was on the part when Landon didn’t know what to do because sometimes, I feel the same way, too, that I am doing everything I can for that someone I love but I still feel that I am not doing enough, that there is still something missing. Well, my situation is a lot less complicated than theirs and I am grateful about that. The great Nicholas Sparks wrote it so well that I can imagine myself watching both of them and feeling hopeless, too. He never failed to make me cry for all those true love which were found and shared but later on separated. I spent this night watching trailers of the film and some clips. Honestly, I haven’t watch the movie for the reason that I wasn’t a fan before. I mean, I was inclined to suspense and horror before and I hate romance but as I grew older, well, I started having an interest about those sorts of movies. I guess I made myself more melancholic by doing so. It just so happen that I can associate almost all songs to that love story. Now, I cannot choose between The Notebook and A Walk to Remember. Both books made me cry and instilled some heart-warming lines that made me say “Awwww…” while reading. The crying thing is not because I hate the ending. Actually, it’s good and it won’t be something to remember if they lived happily ever after. The crying was because I’ve never heard such great and touching story and the hope that everything is as true and genuine as that.

Tomorrow, I am going to start with Gossip Girl and two weeks is my target duration for my reading. I know that it is kind of long but I suppose that it is enough if ever there are “Math emergencies” (those days when there is a bad need to review and focus on the subject). I’ll be disappointed with myself if I assigned a short period of time and then left the book unfinished. Sometimes, staying on the safe side is better (wink).

By the way, I miss him. I miss him a lot.

Love always,


rdaconcepts said...

good luck for the exams tomorrow.

lucas said...

ui! a walk to remember! definitely one of my favorite movies ever! and quite holds very dear memories... i never had the chance to read it but i bet it's as good or better than the movie adaptation. hindi pa ako nakakabasa ng nicholas sparks na book but most of my bookworm friends say they're really good.

Rhaingel said...

Hi! Salamat ha! :)

It's one of my favorites na rin. Read it sometime. The point of view was on Landon so maybe you can relate more than how I did. Thanks for dropping by! :)