Sunday, April 12, 2009

Deleting Friends

April 12, 2009
Dear Friend,

Before I write here, I was cleaning up my friendster account. By clean, I mean, I was deleting friends which I am really not friends with. I am deleting those strangers for the reason that I want that account to be exclusive to the people whom I know and know me somehow. Anyway, I got 1600 plus friends at first. These connections to people I’ve maintained for five years now. Currently, I have 1437 friends left and I believe that I will still delete half of them as I go on with my cleaning.

Anyway, cleaning my friendster account seems very interesting. I have friends who are not giving out their real names on the public site, just as how I make “Rhaingel” my on line name and I have to click the link which directs me to the profile of the mysterious person I am seeing. I have to do it because I don’t want to delete friends which I am really close with. Because of viewing their complete profile, I happen to drop by profiles of the people who are quite far from me now. Some of them are my classmates way back when I was elementary and some were teachers when I was a freshman or a sophomore. The fun thing is that after years of not hearing from them and seeing them, I got the chance to look at their pictures and say, “Blah blah changed a lot! She is now very pretty and is already a lady! I can still remember the time when we bought some ice cream and she ended up with the ice cream on her uniform!” After seeing how time changed all of us, I’ll drop by a message or a comment to make sure that they’ll know that I saw them. I’ll begin by saying, “Hey! This is (my real name)! Can you still remember me? I was your classmate when we were still in elementary!” and they’ll answer those same lines which run thus “Of course (my real name), I remember you! How can I forget? How’s life?” and from there will the conversation start and end and I have to wait for years again so that I can say, “Long time, no hear” or “Long time, no see”.

I don’t know what occurred to me that made me delete strangers when my initial motto is that, if they are not yet my friends, then I’ll make them one. Maybe I grew tired of people messaging me and asking for numbers or any contact detail and when you say, “I don’t give my number to strangers”, they will tell you that you are so snob and that you are not that pretty to act like a brat. It’s very disturbing, thinking that I am keeping my friendster because there are people connected in my account who are part of my life and will always be although distance separates us and time changed the way we used to be. Another thing, I hate to see accounts which have my or my words in it. I don’t see their point in grabbing or “borrowing” someone else’s picture just to pretend that they are that person and fooling other people. I also hate it when I see my picture in a particular account and the description and caption of that picture is somewhat asking for cell phone number of boys. Duh! I am not that desperate. Maybe the best thing to do is to eliminate fake friends in that website and let those real ones have the opportunity to come and go to Rhaingel’s profile. (wink)

Love always,


lucas said...

less than 200 lang friends ko sa friendster...hindi ko pa sila kilala lahat personally...hehe!

but during the time when friendster still prove itself addictive, looking for old friends became a hobby. it's really cool to see friends that seemed to be a part of a distant memory...

thanks, rhaingel :)

Rhaingel said...


haha. I am down to 1400 friends and nasa-4th page pa lang ako ng friends page. haay. ang dami pang dapat mabura.

You are so right about seeing old friends. That used to be my purpose. Thanks for reminding me, Lucas! :D