Tuesday, April 14, 2009

first day of sCOOL

April 14, 2008
Dear Friend,

Today is the first day of my summer spent is school. Well, I will be lying if I say that it was as awful as I am imagining it to be. It was better than how I expected everything. First, I did not feel like vomiting while on the bus and on my way to school. Plus the fact that I wasn’t late (It was actually by chance that I wasn’t. I wonder if I’ll be late tomorrow. I hope not). After entering the classroom, there were past classmates who I recognized and recognized me as well. So it was fun complaining with them while waiting for the professor to come. It wasn’t as fun as spending time with him but it was just enough to distract me from my drama. When the professor arrived, I admit, I was too mean to judge that she is strict and very inconsiderate. She is, I think, already in her forties or fifties, wearing thick eyeglasses and formal pants, very technical with her words, has several white hair emphasized on those which are still black, on a floral black blouse and is slightly slouching, very unlike my past professors who are just on their twenties or early thirties and very youthful in everything that they do. I imagined myself sitting there for three hours, pinching myself occasionally not because I can’t believe that the moment is true but because of sleepiness and my deepest desire to hear the magic words “class dismissed”. My mind was pre-occupied.

When she started discussing and making introductions, I swear that she was every slow-learner’s dream teacher. She is very passionate to her work and I can say that she loves it when everyone understands. She makes it a point to see satisfied students listening to her and absorbing everything that comes out of her gentle mouth. She was doing everything she can so that everyone understands by heart. Take note, by heart. I just hope that it will continue for the next few weeks. It is so early to tell if I will be having a good Math course with her as my mentor. By the way, by “good Math course”, I mean a subject that is difficult (of course) but inspires me to make things easier for me and encourages me to persevere more and doesn’t suck out all of my self-esteem. She started the subject by saying “You are in the right track” and “I am wishing that you pursue you Math career although you are studying Math 63 on summer”. As I’ve said earlier, she made an introduction and I felt guilty for ever disliking Math, for cursing the subject and for disliking everything associated with it. She told it not to produce guilty students but sometimes, it just happens that simple things like that serve as wake-up call for the sleeping me. She was mentioning about an inflection point of a graph and correlating it to people’s lives and how God and faith can make someone make his/her way to an upward concavity. Well, those stuffs work for me and make me reflect amidst a nose-bleeding lesson. At the end of the day, I realized that my life is in its indeterminate form (still needs a lot of l’Hopital’s to be working).

That was the first part of my April 14. The latter was not that good in a sense that it was very exhausting and kind of made me starving (imagine: I was already VERY hungry at ten and I had my lunch at three). I thought that I will really melt because of the combined summer sunshine and hunger. Nevertheless, it was a good day, a lot better than all the bad imaginations I allowed myself to have. That’s the good side of being a pessimist: you are either proven right or pleasurably surprised. I hope that I’ll be pleasurable surprised again tomorrow. It’s a lot better than being proven right. :D

Love always,


Rena said...

Your new teacher sounds great!

Rhaingel said...


Well, I am glad that she is great :D