Wednesday, April 29, 2009


…and oh, the dulcet surrounding and the gentle drizzle rippling the river, a serene curtain kissing my face hello and Mr. Monsoon whispering me messages from below. A bright and shiny day within my seam… away from despair, now I beam. Life is insane, life is divine. It makes me wonder how many of moments like this are lies… how many of feelings like this are just sweet dreams, waiting to be burst like spheres of bubbles of a playing child, like yawns of a sleepy fellow immune to caffeine, like dazzling fireworks and its perks.

Life is an illusion and soft as a marshmallow. It is colorful as a flower-shaped lollipop. Superheroes are true but fairies are not. Angels exists and so are beasts. The sun is rude and the moon is romantic and constellations are invented by the hopeless and quixotic. Snowflakes are unique like thumbprints and like people are but never will they be more fascinating than penguins and penguins will never be more fascinating than his soul, not even close to that. Words are not just expressions. They are formed on the mind, nurtured by the heart and spoken not by tongues but by eyes. They are absorbed by the ears, interpreted by the heart and reflected back by the eyes. Life is a song and very melodic… yet at times, becomes delightfully sarcastic. Tears may be happy and they may be sad, an indication that they may both be good and bad. Life is a dance but not a tango. It may be eaten while ripe or raw, like a mango.

Life itself is an inspiration. It is both a notebook and a pen. It is as experienced as a man on his death bed and as refreshed as a new born-baby. It may be a novel, a poem or an honest biography, telling you what happened, including history.

Life is about a child etching his name on the sand then washed by the angry waves. It is also about our ancestors who first lived their lives on caves. Life is all about me and you and his dog named Blue. It is about every person and every little thing that breathes… and every little thing that does not.

Life is about Math and also about English. It is also about Theology and Philosophy. Most of the times, it contradicts itself but life still remains as a theorem to be proven and a lemma to help you prove and the proof itself. Life is about Romeo and Juliet and about Jamie and Landon. It is also about Francis Magalona and Paris Hilton.

Life is Harry and will always be him. Death does not exist and so does a witch. Snow White is mortal and all she needed was a kiss. Happy endings are true and fairy tales are non-fiction. What remains a joke that fools humankind is the concept of nuclear fusion. Who I was, I am and will be are all written in scripted destiny. Chance is a lie and so is a bittersweet goodbye. Fate is a lazy goddess who is mad at Eros. She makes us misinterpret life and make it appear to be full of flaws. Life is not a rhyme but love is. Real expressions doesn’t sound good, full of fears, full of tears and no one actually hears.

Life is from heaven and so is he. Dealing with life makes me impaired, melancholic and misshapen… yet also makes my soul awaken. Life is love and love is life. Life is in each other's pocket from everything in some ways. Love is inseparable from him and every single way.


lucas said...

i love the similes and the metaphors you used to describe what life really means :)

it's impeccable...

saveyoursoul said...

"life is insane, life is divine"

I love love love love love that!

Rhaingel said...

Thank you for visiting and giving your comments. :D

Thanks! You are very uplifting :D