Thursday, April 23, 2009


When I was young, I wrote a poem and its title is “What a Beautiful Word” and my teacher was disappointed because I did not know back then the difference of word and world. It was just a matter of the letter "L". When my mom saw my work, she laughed because the thought was nice, according to her, but I was pertaining into a different thing. I told myself that I won’t write anymore but Mother’s Day came and I got no gift for my mom so I wrote another poem and it was entitled “An Ode to a Mother” because I got the idea from page seventeen of my English book and the only thing I need to do is change the name of the mother and the name of the daughter who wrote it. My mom hugged me for that and she said that I write so well that I can publish that poem. I felt guilty because that was not originally mine. She asked me for a copy and told me that she’ll send it to some publishing house. I told her the truth that I just copied it from a book and then she felt a bit saddened. She then told me to make a poem of my own, that I can do better than that.

As I grew older, I stopped writing poems for my mom. I just thought that she deserves better than that and I bought her gifts on special occasions instead. When I was grade six, I decided to apply for a position in our school’s newspaper. To do that, I need to pass a poem, an essay and a story. I first finished the story and it was tragic. I then finished the essay which is quite “youngly” written then I can’t write a poem and tomorrow was the deadline. There developed a mountain of crumpled yellow paper on my side and still no finished poem. I thought about general topics like education or justice or the revised “What a Beautiful World” but the idea won’t flow continuously. I thought about love because it was a cool topic, something which everyone can relate and something that can make everyone either nostalgic or happier than they already are. I thought about love and wrote about that, thinking about words which rhyme with it—club, dove, sob and tried everything so that the last words will have the same sounds. Poems always rhyme and that is where I focus and not on the idea.

When I was high school, I still write poems about love or about someone special and those were made of love itself and stories I heard. I knew then that poems don’t need to rhyme in order to be called as one but sometimes, to impress people, it needs to. So when I submit works in my English class and my teacher will say, “I will choose the best poem and read it in front of class”, I see to it that it rhymes and sounds good and that my poem is made up of those drama stuffs of my classmates and teachers so that they can relate and they will love what I did. I have made so many poems asked by guys so that they can amaze the girl they are courting and I do all those only with free marshmallows in return to their favor.

Now, I wanted to write a poem, maybe something related to Math or love or Ode to a Mother because Mother’s day is weeks from now but ideas won’t flow easily. I’ll get a paper and write some thoughts and support it with certain realization then I’ll catch myself thinking about just writing an essay. I cannot remember the last time which I wrote a poem and it came from my heart and I want to do it now.

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