Thursday, April 16, 2009

QED (Quite Exciting Day)

April 16, 2008
Dear Friend,

Tomorrow is Friday (at last!) and I am happy that I don’t have any absence in my Math class yet. Every afternoon, while on my way home, I think about skipping a day which is equivalent to three meetings in an ordinary semester. You know, just a peaceful day when I will be sleeping without any bound and away from numbers. I do not hate Math now. I am just tired and very sleepy. I think, it is my professor that motivates me to go to school and try my best to be not late. She is really very encouraging. So far, I am always arriving ahead of her, excited for the day yet a bit sleepy because of the long journey. I think, I can never like Math the way I like it now. There is something in the way she teaches us that makes me want for more. Good for me, then.

You know how I hate Math before. I was cursing the subject and if not because of my classmates who are also there, I won’t sacrifice attending class at seven. All of these were witnessed by my blog. I was fed up with numbers and I hated everything associated with those concepts. This summer class is very unlike the first time I took it. It is the exact opposite now. I am glad that my enthusiasm for the subject is now back. I just hope that it will last until such time that I am ready for graduation.

Anyway, aside from having a very good discussion with my professor, this day was great in a sense that many things happened which I wasn’t expecting at all. I was expecting an ordinary one. As I left the room for our coffee break, I saw one of my friends who is not supposed to be there. I mean, he passed Math 63 and he is not supposed to go back to the university for anything. He sat in our room while we were having the second part of the discussion and everyone was asking him why he was there and everyone was also teasing him. The discussion became both lively and serious at the same time. That was the first time I heard my classmates laugh that hard. I felt comfortable about what’s happening. Maybe because for the first time, I felt that I wasn’t alone and I felt that I belong to the situation, that I was there and I am unlike those functions that DNE (does not exist). Well, that was good for me.

I dropped by the mall a while ago and spent some time enjoying the temperature. It was really humid a while ago that I felt like I need a bath right away. To lessen my burden, I decided to just stay on the mall for a little while and have my lunch there. Then, I finally decided to head home. I was waiting patiently for the driver and some other passengers and was sitting at the front seat when somebody pulled the tie that holds my hair together, letting my hair down like how it goes with Rapunzel. He was sitting on the back. Before listening to my rage, I suddenly thought about the person who usually do that thing to me and I was like, “No. It cannot be him. This is Quezon City and he lives in Malolos,” then I turned and saw him in his uniform. I wasn't wrong. He was having summer classes, too that's why he is in Quezon City. We had some conversation that made me forget again that I was alone. For the first time this semester, I did not fall asleep while on my way home. That was extraordinary.

Love always,


lucas said...

[I think, it is my professor that motivates me to go to school and try my best to be not late.]. sir zamora my math teacher back in HS has a very clever way for you to love numbers...nung napalitan na siya, i hated them again.hehe!

Rhaingel said...

Maybe it is just because they have been students also once in their lives and so they know how it feels. Aww. I am afraid. Baka pag napalitan na rin prof ko, baka ma-hate ko din ulit ang Math.