Sunday, April 12, 2009

Rhaingel's Quotable Quotes

After doing 154 posts over the past months, I made a bit of recalling a while ago. What I did, basically, is to read the posts I’ve posted but they were too many so I decided to read those lines I highlighted (those which are sometimes in blue or green or any dark color and are in italic and bold). I thought that these lines won’t be highlighted if they were not in any point, special. Surprisingly, I was laughing and feeling differently at the same time. I’ll try to tell you why.

“It was really nice that is why I never wanted it to end.” October 30, 2008. Wait. Before you jump in to conclusion that it is all about love, I’ll clear up that it isn’t. In this post, I was actually talking about high school life, particularly those positions I’ve handled. The experience was nice and I wanted that to last forever but college life started and I cannot help but entrust those positions to another deserving student and hope that he/she will do better than how I did.

“For a moment, I felt like everything was normal although it really wasn’t.” October 29, 2008. Yes. It was last October 29 and not yesterday or the day before yesterday. As how my life is doing lately, I really feel that it was a déjà vu. I was able to write that line because it was a semester break and to distract myself, I hand-washed our clothes. I guess, that line said it all.

“because I knew and understood that there is more to life than sweetness and laughter.” October 26, 2008. In this post, I was talking about how my dormitory life changed me. I was talking how boredom swallows me there and how I became a bit responsible and independent because of that major leap between being a baby and grown-up. I was also talking about how maturity took the scene and how I discovered emptiness. Right now, I still know and understand that life is more than sweetness and laughter, that there are behind those smiles I choose to show people. They just don’t know.

“I never wanted to be drowned in that same what if, what if, what if.” October 16, 2008. Hell, now, I can imagine how the first semestral break of college had ruined me for real. In this post, I was complaining that I wasted an hour of my life, playing paper dolls in my age. Well, it was because of boredom and I was able to say this line because I was justifying what I did. I said that I want to do the things which I wasn’t able to do last semester. I wanted to try everything so that I won’t have regrets and I won’t be drowned in that three what-if’s. Now, that is still the way my life is going.

“that after this day, it might never be the same.” October 13, 2008. This was a post which really is a product of my melancholy. It was the last day of classes last first semester and I just got sad because I realized that after that day, I may not be able to see the person who made my semester worth-taking. Well, I am just glad that that possibility never came true and that post will just contain one of my deepest fears.

It’s both funny and amazing to read these things again. I am just in October 2008 and I found myself entertained. I didn't imagine myself quoting myself. I mean, after some time, I realized that these lines are so right and I am so proud of myself for writing these things. This will serve as another inspiration for me to write and continue it whenever I feel like abandoning or just stopping everything. If it’s not for others, it will be for me and the future me, something to cheer me up during gloomy days (and not to mention, something to bring me down during my highest hours, but that’s given and that’s natural).


Rena said...

I think it's helpful to go back and see what we've written. Sometimes you look at things in a totally new light. That's true with manuscripts too. They always say to put your stories away for awhile and then look at it later with "fresh eyes". I've found that to be incredibly helpful when it comes to writing.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on writing that many posts!

Rhaingel said...


Thank you so much! It is really something for me to write such posts :D

Rhaingel said...


Hey, I think I read Stepen King saying those things, too about "fresh eyes" and "clearer view". Thank you for dropping by and keeping in touch :)