Friday, April 24, 2009

Thank God it's FINALLY Friday

April 24, 2009
Dear Friend,

Today was a real “whew”! Not only was I physically exhausted, I was also mentally challenged. I am actually talking about what we discussed a while ago in my never-dying Math class. We are already in the part which I didn’t understood clearly last semester so I am inserting double efforts now. Somehow, the discussion was clearer and as usual, my professor related it to love, to life and to a lovers’ quarrel, making everyone say, “awwwww”.

Good thing that it is really Friday now. I cannot imagine myself attending a seven o’clock class tomorrow. I am fed up and though I still want to study Calculus stuff, there comes a time when the body will grumble about too much coffee and too less hours of sleep. I need a rest. I need a break. I am glad that the weekend has finally come. At least, the pressure is less and I got idle days. I was supposed to have a haircut for this day but I changed my mind. I am not sure why but maybe, it is because I am afraid to welcome another disaster and take another risk. For now, I’ll just stay contented with my haircut and pray that it will grow longer. Another reason why I did not have my haircut is that something unexpected happened again and that made me arrive home later than the usual. After arriving home, it was too late to head to the salon again. I was celebrating my Friday on the mall, reading short stories on bookstores, window shopping for new tops and slippers and looking for a nice gift for my mom on May 10. Up to now, I am still not quite certain why I went to the arcade store and played games there. Maybe I was just trying to relieve stress and do the things which I don’t normally do alone. Well, I was just trying to check out the Tokyo Drift game which is exciting as driving your own car even without education about it. I was drifting and it felt so good to bump into post, people or other cars in your imagination, where things stay as you want them. I don’t know how to drive a car and I don’t know if ever I still need to learn about that so to satisfy all of my frustrations, such games exist. While accelerating, recalling how to compute for rate of change and rectilinear motion and while feeling euphoric about pretending that I know how to drive, someone covered my eyes with his hands. At first, I was so mad because I thought that I might end up losing my valuables again. Who knows? Then, I thought that it might be him. After all, I know that he goes there. In fact, there were times when we went there together. So it was still possible though I was hanging on pointless assumptions. I thought that he was actually him. I said, “Harry?” then he did not remove his hands, making me realize that I was assuming too much and then I lost my game. He was a different person, the same person who pulled the tie on my hair when I was sitting in front of him on my way home. It’s not that I was disappointed. As a matter of fact, I was happy to see someone I know and have him defeat me at basketball while I beat him over air hockey. Surely, I won’t be playing those if I was alone. It’s just that I realized that even if I am “driving”, even if I am thinking about Math and making myself occupied with certain exercises, still, he is in my mind. He never left it and it is evident in my asking “Harry?” when there was no clue at all that it was him. I knew that he was home or somewhere place, but never in the place where I am but I still believed that it was him.

Welcome to the people of modern era! They still talk and blog even if there’s nothing to blog or sensible thing to write about. You’ll still see unworthy entries but couldn’t care less because blogs are special sites which don’t need others approval. Welcome to the modern world where blogging is the new solution for bad hair days or PMS or “the worst day of my life, ever”.

Love always,

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