Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Typical Post

April 15, 2009
Dear Friend,

Well, I actually don’t know what to talk about for this post. Today was okay but nevertheless, an ordinary one. There was nothing special, nothing new, and nothing even worthy of posting. (Well, that was my idea before opening my friendster account and finding such a sweet message) Tomorrow is our first quiz in Math and I am not feeling what I felt last time (that I knew I was going to fail that though I tried my best to review and understand limits, I cannot). I think it will be okay and not a disaster. At least, that is my expectation and I made it a point to do everything so that that expectation will later turn into a reality.

A while ago, I talked to my professor (the one I discussed regarding my first summer day spent in school). She was giving assignments and exercises to us so that we can solve while at home but it was on a book and I don’t have a copy of that. So I asked her if I can borrow her book and photocopy it and she said yes and so I did. I guess she wasn’t going anywhere and had nothing to do and so she joined me towards the photocopy machine. She then asked me a very intriguing question. She was not that youthful anymore and I thought that numbers and students are her world. I thought that she is not interested in anything but teaching. I was surprised but still answered, “I have none, ma’am. Why?” followed by an equally intriguing smile. I just cannot hide it. Then a classmate who heard our conversation said, “Where is he?” and she had a more intriguing smile than what we had. I answered, “He is not taking any summer classes” and we both know that. (I wonder why I still answered her as-a-matter-of-fact question) My professor then turned to me and gave me a lot intriguing smile than the previous and later asked again, “I thought you don’t have any boyfriend” and then the photocopying was done.

I was walking towards the waiting shed and realized that I was alone. Maybe it was the part that instilled on me that this day was nothing special. As I was taking steps, I can still remember the stuff my professor told us. It was neither the exciting question nor finding limits but it was associated with feelings and emotions and life. Our discussion a while ago was an intuitive one and she said that all the proofs will be laid out tomorrow and that we should first trust our feelings and faith about the thing because that is what and how we do with love. We use trust and feelings first. After solving and giving out the “numbers’ part” of the discussion, she said, “Study about the proofs of this because feelings and intuition are not always right” and everyone laughed… well, except for me. She was right about that but I did not find it funny in any way. I found it serious. I am just the kind of girl that remembers everything upon hearing a well-said statement. I remembered all my doubts and fears. I remembered those beliefs I am holding just because of pure intuition and I became afraid.

Love always,

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