Tuesday, April 21, 2009

When It Rains

April 21, 2009
Dear Friend,

Insufficient sleeps during travels are really not good. It might contribute to your wellness, adding minutes to your body’s rejuvenation but nevertheless, it will just annoy you. It is very irritating to be able to sleep on a bus then suddenly awaken because of a stop, only to realize that the stop was just right because you are almost near to where you are supposed to go. It happened a while ago and I really felt dizzy while walking on the foot bridge and after arriving a bit early for my classes, I needed to have some coffee and biscuits to keep me listening to my professor. Today, we’re done discussing limits and derivatives were introduced. In a normal semester, discussions about limits will take about a month but because this is summer semester and because everything and everyone is in a hurry, a week was just enough for comprehension, application and appreciation. Today, the result of the exam we took yesterday was also given and I am happy to reap what I’ve planted. Finally, contentment was present and I checked my test booklet right after it was given to me to see if there are certain points that I would like to ask my professor. I didn’t hide it from others and from myself.

After being dismissed on time, I thought about what to do in order to break that routine of waking up, traveling, studying, traveling and sleeping. I did not have any plans for the day. I was just determined to escape the usual but I have no specific things to do in order to achieve that goal. I was still thinking when the rain started pouring. I brought my umbrella out and stare at the sparkling rain, thinking about lines of songs and lines that may compose a poem. I thought about happy children and grateful plants and then I walked on that same road where we usually walk towards our next class. I thought about that particular instance when it did rain too and it was just too warm. I was on his left and he was holding my umbrella with his right hand, keeping the two of us dry and from the weather. The rain during that time was intense and the wind was blowing feeble people. It was cold… but it was also warm because his left arm was wrapped around me, making me feel secured and blissful. It was one of the highlights of my life, making me grateful for all the blessings I am receiving. It was one of those moments shared with him that I will never ever forget because the thought that he didn't care about other people whom he knew and who might see that sweet scene can never be erase. We walked and avoided little swamps of water forming on the side of the street. We walked and everything which happened made me fall even deeper... no escape and no turning back.

After reminiscing those things, I found myself sitting on a car, looking outside the window and near to sleeping. If it wasn’t because of the song playing on the background, I must have drowned into sweet imagination. My eyelids were giving up and the coffee wasn’t anymore on its effect. I wasn’t able to break my routine because of heading home right after dismissal but the rain did it for me. Unlike the other days, I used my umbrella a while ago to make me dry and hear the sweet song of the tapping raindrops on my umbrella. For the first time this summer, I did not use it to protect myself from dehydrating. Today is not as exciting as a roller-coaster-ride but it was like being in a Ferris wheel and seeing gleaming lights of the city from where I was quietly sitting, being in high spirits whenever my seat is on its peak and later on, realizing that no matter how high I’ve reached for the day, down points are still present, too.

Love always,


Rena said...

What a beautiful post. I loved the ferris wheel reference. As much as I hate those things, what you said makes sense. The ups come with the downs, and it just goes round and round and round. Thank goodness you can get off those things and get on a rollercoaster once in awhile. ;) Seriously, I can ride any coaster, but ferris wheels scare the daylights out of me.

That day in the rain with your friend sounds like a precious memory that's worth hanging onto, Rhaingel. :)

Rhaingel said...


Well, roller coasters are really exciting but Ferris wheels have something to teach people and that is what I realized yesterday. Good thing that I can ride both of them. I am not scared of heights and that makes me quite adventurous for those kinds of things.

That day will surely be remembered by me. Though upto now, I can't still believe that it was true, I am hanging on that sweet little thing and I find refuge in that.

Thank you for dropping by! It surely made me happy to hear from you :)