Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bloggy Thank You

Receiving something for a blog you are really fond of is an own encouragement of its sort. Let me speak formally. In my entire bloggy existence, there were about five awards given to this blog and up to now, I am thanking every blogger who gave me the pride and privilege. It is one of the reasons why this little page in the world wide web is still breathing. Now, another award was given to me by RENA and truly, I am more than grateful. This blog has been very crazy for the past few months. The mood is happy then will be switching to sad then angry. Really, this page, when you will follow and read every single post that I put, you’ll also be insane but still, I thank people like Rena who still appreciates works like mine. Thank you for all the support.

Now, I am passing the joy brought by this award to other bloggers. Drum rolls please. Surely, they won’t receive this award if they are not deserving for it so I carefully chose these people and to know why, why do you give their blogs a visit? I am assuring you that their posts are all worth-reading and very entertaining.

1. LIEZEL at - Liezel is actually an elementary and high school friend. We were schoolmates back then and I must say that she is really a thoughtful girl. I still keep her graduation letter to me when I was in my 6th grade.

2. PENSIVEMIND of - This is actually one of the new blogs I recently discovered and the posts here are both funny and well-written. Well, the writer is also a Filipino and knows how to punch lines which will surely bring some meaty laughter.

3. ASH at - If you would like to realize something about life, this blog is the place to go. This blog is very lovely physically and posts there are full of realizations that will enable readers to digest fully certain circumstances in their life.

4. BATANGNARS at - This also one of the new blogs I am getting fond of. It's very entertaining and includes some random posts which can relieve stress of a reader. This blog is physically attractive and posts are really worth the read.

5. REXTER of - Rex is actually a friend but don't get me wrong. He is in my list because he deserves to be and not just because he is a friend. His blog is actually about his deepest frustrations and wishes, his inner thoughts and mature realizations. I love to visit his page because at some point, I am envisioning myself in his shoes.

6. THE RAMBLER at - The Rambler's blog is full of (guess what) ramblings. Posts in here are surely well-written and she can amazingly put into words certain feelings and realizations. It is also very entertaining most especially when it includes responses from readers. It's very interactive and I love Think About It Thursdays! :D

7. D-ANJHEL at - Actually, I just hopped into this blog a while ago and I really find those blogs which are informative and yet enjoying and not boring very amazing. This blog is one of those and I think, I'll be visiting it more often now.

8. FLOR at - I am not yet graduate from college and these kind of blogs give me the idea of what's waiting for me after I leave the portals of my university. Flor's blog is full of chronicle of her life and surely entertaining. It is the kind of blog that can make you say, "Ah! Right!"

9. YEN at - Yen's blog is all about her life and it is really nice to hear how she tells stories of what's up and what's down. This person is older than me and whenever my immaturity is swallowing me, I just read her stories and somehow, I feel lighter.

10. SASHA at - This blog is physically cute and I really envy her layout. It is very lovely, as lovely as her posts and it is good to know tha girls like her is blogging about everything. Her blog is surely worth the visit.

These are the bloggers I am giving the award to. I hope that you pay them some visit and eventually see the beauty that I am seeing in those pages.


Ash said...

Thanks a lot, Rhaingel. I'm truly flattered. I write this blog mainly to sort out my multitude of thoughts and feelings and I never expected to get appreciation from a fellow blogger.

Rhaingel said...


I really appreciate you blog. It's good that you are enjoying writing and I am enjoying reading what you have written. Keep it up! More powers to your blog. :)

yen said...

hiya, thanks for the award but i already have it. thanks for those words...

Rena said...

You're welcome, Rhaingel. I'm looking forward to checking out some of the blogs you listed too.

flor said...

Hello rhaingel. thanks a lot for featuring me ang giving me a "review". i have visited almost all the blogs you awarded and they're all quite amazing. grabe thank you, cant believe meron magsasabi nito about my blog. ang im glad to be helping.

thank you!!!!


Rhaingel said...

You're welcome :)

Most of those are Filipino blogs but posts in there are really well-written. Thanks again!

Hi Flor! You're welcome. I included you because I really think that your blog is amazing. More powers to you and your blog! :)

The Rambler said...

Awww Rhiangel!!

Thanks a bunch.


Rhaingel said...


I know that you deserve it. Your welcome. Your blog is always on my list whenever there is an award like this. More powers! :D