Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Cheers! Summer spent is school is almost over. I have two days to review my notes and Friday will be the finals. It’s like I am on the part when the mother will have to make one hard push in order to deliver the baby out of her womb and give life to another miracle. I am almost there and I can see it coming yet I am also aware that I still have to make one big push. Well, I can get through. After all, I got my enthusiasm back.

I really cannot wait to make a brief account of my summer 2009. It’s not yet over but I am making the introduction now. It was very atypical, not spent in a vacation out-of-town, not tanned by the beach scorching sun and not slacking everyday. It was spent in between yawning gaps and Calculus textbooks. It was the kind of summer everyone will hate and get rid off… except for maybe, me. If ever I have to choose the meatiest semester of my so far, college life, it will be the summer semester. Very fast paced, very tiring yet very informative. It actually made me trust myself again and learn to fight verbal problems and be not intimidated easily. For me, it was something very important because when you don’t trust yourself, who else would? Now, when someone asks me to answer a particular question, I’ll love to try and not like before when I'll do everything to avoid it. Due to self-esteem, I’ll get an answer, maybe not always right but at least almost there. In between those grumbles that I hate numbers lies an image on what I really want to be three years from now. If not for this dream and if not for the people who serve as my inspiration, I’ll just sleep and sing Que Sera Sera or Come What May. It’s true that trigonometric functions are not very applicable in everyday life. They are very impractical to use and very unhealthy to think about but for the hardest way, it taught me to be really patient. It taught me that there is no easy way out of those angles, that the best way is to understand the concept and love what you are doing... When you love what you're doing, you'll never grow tired. Being bitter about those will reflect on the scores of my exams. Now, trigonometric functions and their inverses are my favorite topic. I spent couple of days answering exercises only about that and I get sad each time I get the wrong answer but stopping won’t put me somewhere else. It is right that the water dissolved the stone not by big waves crashing but by continuous dripping. After each and every mistake, I learn and eventually become wiser enough to say, “I’ve encounter this before and now, I finally know what to do!” Experience is the best teacher, a healthy reminder.

This isn’t about Math. This is also isn’t about summer. This is about how the subject gave me fresh outlook on things (and not to mention, how it able me to use a lot of metaphors). This isn’t about numbers, not also about variables and constants. This is about sacrifices and how in the end, they usually bloom into something so far from what you expected. This is how perseverance springs into satisfaction and how this satisfaction allows a person to crave for further enhancement. This is actually about life.

For the almost-done-summer-spent-in-school… for the love of Math and life… for the success of another learning process… for realizing my goals again and trying my best to be really committed to those… for the person whom I am doing this for… for my self-esteem… for my proud momma… for the three manila paper I used as scratch paper…for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have a professor like Ma’am Ocampo and for every blessing that came in my life… cheers!


Rena said...

Good luck with your finals and I hope you have some nice time off from school. :)

-vJ reX- said...

Nice post! and I definitely agree in your statement right here!

"It was spent in between yawning gaps and Calculus textbooks."

We don't have textbooks but calculus gives me a trip to dreamland for free ^^

Rhaingel said...


Hi! Thanks for the visit! My finals was awesome. It was difficult but satisfying. Thanks again! :D

Rhaingel said...


Thank Rex! Haha. Calculus causes me to sleep even faster than sleeping pills... but shocks. The sad truth is that we need Calculus, not in real life, but for our diplomas :D