Friday, May 15, 2009

Coffee Vs. Traveling

A rattled skull and a confused soul are the things which are usually left with me when I wonder about something, may it be something worth thinking as politics or as senseless as what chocolate am I going to eat for the day? Well, last night, I got so intrigued to know which of which is stronger, drowsiness due to a long travel and party last night or a powerful caffeine from coffee, creamer-free.

Coffee has never ever failed me. In fact, it was my savior from the shame of falling asleep while in the middle of my professor’s meaty discussion. A cup of it always makes me pushing, enthusiastic about the lessons and more enthusiastic for problems. I even thought about coffee as something stronger than energy drinks or sports drinks, only it doesn’t replenish the water in my body, doesn’t have electrolytes and most of all, doesn’t have any other color except all shades of brown and black. Anyway, about the electrolytes, I don’t lose any in just sitting there and absorbing everything my professor has to say. So nevertheless, coffee is still best for my summer spent in school.

As much as the coffee keeps me awake, a long travel keeps me asleep. Everyday, as soon as I enter the bus or any public transport vehicle, I always say that I am not going to sleep, that I am going to enjoy the travel and every little thing that I can see from the window. Later on, but not too late, I’ll feel my head increasing in weight that I cannot help but give in to the scream of my body to sleep and regenerate. Sounds okay but the problem is that even though I know that I am almost there (in the terminal where I am supposed to head off), I still see myself fighting over closing my eyes again and extending my sleep for another hour when the terminal is just a minute away. The problem with me is that when I am beginning to like something, I instantly want to indulge myself and never care about what’s up and the consequences eventually. Like in sleeping, just because I am starting to feel comfortable about it, I can hardly remind myself that there are certain limits in sleeping, especially when I do it on a bus.

This morning, I wanted to spend my traveling time memorizing some formulas for my Math class. I just thought that I need to do it soon, as soon as now or maybe later. I took a cup of coffee instead of milk this morning and it was effective when I was just on the way to the bust station. When I was finally on my way to my university, which is one hour away from home, I opened my notebook and started saying one over one plus x squared is tangent… no… sin… hyperbolic cosine…no! I closed my eyes and said that I’ll clear my mind first and return back to memorizing when I am not anymore confused. Besides, pushing myself to memorize something I really don’t feel will make me forget that thing after a minute or two. I need it to be natural and coming from the heart so that I won’t forget and if ever I do, I can always try to remember. If there’s one thing I learned from my good friends, it is to practice the pause whenever you feel like you don’t know where you’re heading anymore or you don’t know what to do. It is always effective, always gives a person a fresh view of the problem he/she has to solve. I felt somehow relieved and actually felt the pressure in my head, burden in my shoulder and pain in my back. I felt the exhaustion I had yester night and the future exhaustion that I’ll have after this day is all over.

Beep! Beep! Thank you to the reckless driver. If not because of his sudden turn right, the bus I am in won’t blow his horns and I must still be in my wildest dreams, undisturbed. The coffee was knocked out.

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