Saturday, May 23, 2009

Done It!

Today marks the start of my official vacation. The exams were over and the only thrill left is waiting for our final grade, the fruit of our two-month labor. I have roughly two weeks to be idle, to just slack around and annoy my little sister and wake up late, pressure-less. I am also seeing this time to finish reading a novel or two and to prepare myself for the upcoming first semester. I have been wishing dearly for this day for almost a month and I am glad that though it took me so long to finally achieve a state of relaxation, it was worth all the wait and sacrifices. I was not the same person I am two months ago and I am glad that I was re-directed.

Perhaps you can consider this post as the body of my brief chronicle of how my summer 2009 was spent and perhaps, the conclusion is already implied. The best part of it was actually the idea that it gave me a concrete destination, something I am dying to achieve and reach. Whenever I am growing tired of all these studying stuff, my professor would usually say, “Hey. You have to move faster. The bank where you are going to work is already waiting for you,” and everything will be in flame and the next thing I knew, damn, I was working harder than ever. It seems that it was the best encouragement to attain perfect perseverance and patience towards things, most especially on sordid numbers. I have a dream even before I enter college and now, I realize that I am not that committed to it, that I am really easily distracted. Thanks to summer classes! It reminded me of those plans I have for myself and for the people whom I am closed with. Now, I am back to my track again, more directed and with higher dreams.

My summer wasn’t perfect, just like you and me and how everything seems to be. There were moments when I am PMS-ing and everything simply appeals to me as irritating. There were times when I don’t even appreciate that I am learning and what I really wanted was a vacation, nothing less. There were also days when my professor does her all in order to make us appreciate what’s on the board and instead of acknowledging her efforts, I will just doodle on my paper, thinking about what’s missing rather than what’s there. There were times when I hate everyone and I am blaming destiny for my summer spent in school but it was natural like when you heat water and leave it there, it will soon boil so you have to keep the temperature lower so that you won’t evaporate everything. There were starts when I hate mornings for it signals another tiring day away from my comfy bed and whenever that mood strikes, I’ll say, “the rude sun refused to give it a miss and so it’s morning again”. It surely wasn’t as easy as I make it sound at times. If not because of a constant inspiration, I will surely have many absences.

Now, it’s done and I really enjoyed how things turned out. It’s like watching colliding stars from afar and realizing that it’s now my turn to collide my own star with the moon and with all the celestial bodies waiting to be disturbed. I am looking forward to another expedition, preferably farther and with more jeopardy because I am certain that in that way, I’ll learn more and there will always be fragments of virtues and values along the way which are free to pick. Nothing beats learning from various experiences. I think, my summer was a tangible example.


lucas said...

have a blessed vacation, rhaingel! :)

-vJ reX- said...

Wow.. what a great post oh and congratulations because you are now officially in vacation :) this is the perfect time to rest rest and rest and of course do some enjoyable stuffs.

And can i ask a question what does jeopardy mean? I am kinda confused over there because i dunno it's meaning haha!

Rhaingel said...

Salamat! Excited na ako! :D

Thanks for coming by. I have a new post and there lies your award. :)

This is really the moment of my life. haha :D

Jeopardy means danger. Thanks again! :)