Saturday, May 09, 2009

Fifteen Significant People (1-5)

It’s been quite a while since I was last tagged by co-bloggers here. Now, I am playing some sort of nameless game but I found it really interesting. The rules are here: first, you have to write about fifteen people but don’t include their names. Just describe them. If it so happen that someone is curious and felt fishy about those anonymous people, leave them with that mystery. Next, you have to tag fifteen more people but don’t include the one who tagged you.

Let’s get the ball rolling!

1. To you whose soul is so inspiring, who have put so many smiles into my days and was able to turn my fears into a refuge. This first place is for you because you are the only one who occupies my mind and heart and it will always be you no matter what. You are really the first person I think about whenever they say the words: love, happy, and everything related to the blissful things. You are my yesterday, my today and will be my tomorrow. With that, I am more than certain. I love you so much!

2. To you whom I owe my life. You are not just the reason why I am here. You are the reason why I was able to do all the things that I did in order to make you proud and contented for having me. I cannot imagine my life without you and I am not sure how to do because for my life’s long run, you were always there, maybe not always at my side but always with me, pushing me to the top.

3. To you who doesn’t tell me that you love me but expresses it by teasing me or hiding my cell phone when I especialy need it or buying me sandwiches and junk foods. I am so happy to have you in my life and after I reach my success, I will make sure that life will treat you at its best. After achieving my dreams, I will make sure that your dreams will come true too.

4. To you whom I also owe my lie to. To you who is away by heart and by distance and this place belongs to you because even though I am mad and even though I can’t care more, I must admit that you are still part of the first few people I think about whenever I am asked and I am not sure why I do. Anyway, I hope that things and situations will get better for both of us. After all, I also won’t be here without you. I am admitting that.

5. To you who had given me so much more than what I asked and prayed for. To you who was never tired of listening over the past few years and remains the same though chances separated our ways. Thanks for never changing and for never getting tired to be more than just “being there”. I appreciate all the efforts.

This is my initial list of the fifteen people who made a difference in my life. The order is about the people I thought first. I’ll be back for the next ten. I just don’t want to try my best to limit the descriptions in order to have a shorter post. I also don’t want to make super long post. So the best way I saw in order to satisfy the conditions of this post, this game and the rules in my own blog, I decided to split the list of fifteen significant people. (after all, splitting is also what I usually do with integrals).


lucas said...

one out of these five people is a friend. a lover? hmmm... what am I doing? this is not a guessing game right? hehehe!

Rhaingel said...


Well, it isn't. haha. It is supposed to leave people clueless. So sorry, I can tell you much about them. Anyway, I tagged this game to you. I hope that you will have fun doing this on your blog also :)