Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fifteen Significant People ( 11 - 15 )

I’m down to the last five significant people. Honestly, if I am to write all of the people who are significant for me and those people who made a difference in my life, this blog will never be an enough space. I chose these fifteen people because they are the first people I though of and the game was very limited. To repeat the rules, you have to write about fifteen anonymous people and from the definition of anonymous, these people should remain as a mystery to your readers. When someone asks you about the identity of those who are written, you are not allowed to reveal them.

11. To you who treats me as your teacher even though I honestly believe that sometimes, what you write about are far more better than what I produce on paper. You really have a sense, not like me who, most of the times, is very shallow. Having someone who respects my seniority and my achievement in the field is something that inspires me to continue writing and get better eventually so that I won’t be left by your abilities.

12. To you who also listens to me whenever I need a friend and though there really are a lot of differences in our priorities, most especially in our opinions, there still lingers the respect that we reserve for each other. Thank you for joining me in my bad hair days and extremely low-IQ days when we hate the professors, the subjects and the world. Thank you for all the sumptuous conversations that really help me a lot.

13. To the most inscrutable person I know, may you find the person who will completely understand you, your opinions and flaws and everything that you want to happen to the world. May you be successful in the near future so that you’ll have the enough courage to tell me that I was wrong in not loving you back. May destiny bring us back again someday and eventually laugh on our silly fights and the senseless things we are arguing now. I am sorry for everything.

14. To you have remained strong through the years by accepting all the emotional and physical challenges that came in your way. I know that you don’t understand me now and I don’t understand you either but someday, I know that I’ll be seeing your point. I just hope and pray that you focus on the positive side of things and see also the people who MADE you happy and not just those who are MAKING you one.

15. Last but not the least, I want to repeat person number 1. I know that you might say that I am breaking the rules, that I just wrote fourteen people because 1 and 15 are the same but hey, this is my blog and this is my life and I am the rules. To you, who have been my first… and will be my last, I love you more that words could ever say.

Now, I am passing the tag to the following: Lucas, Supergulaman, Flor, Rena, Ash, The Rambler, Rexter, Kalei, Brent, Von Hanyu, B Luis Grey, Abe Mulong Caracas, Kosa, Carms and Lingz. Have fun everyone! Keep the ball rolling.


Kosa said...

11-15 lang ba?
sige sige ga-grab ko to sa susunod..
salamat po sa pagkakasali ng walang kwentang ni Kosa sa Tag na to...
at dahil bago lang ako dito, kukunin ko ang tag mo..Pramis

Rhaingel said...


Hi! Bakit naman walang kwenta.. Hmm.. Hindi kita itatag kung wala kang kwenta noh... :)