Friday, May 01, 2009

First of March

If someone says we need to talk, what runs through your mind?
Honestly, whenever this happens, I think about the wrong things I did. This sounds something serious, doesn’t it? So I get guilty and nervous.

Are you in a good mood now?
Yes. I spent the whole day doing chores for my mom like cooking for my younger sister, cleaning the house and watering the plants. After I finished the chores and rested for a while, I started reviewing for my exams on Monday and I realized that my weekend was elongated. Today is just Friday but because today is Labor Day and is a holiday, classes were suspended. That put me on the mood.

What made you sad today?
Nothing. I did not get sad.

Are you okay with making a fool of yourself?
Sometimes, it’s okay, especially when I am with my family or my real friends. They know me so well and whenever I make fool of myself, they laugh and I see them so happy and then, I get the satisfaction. Fun times are surely worth all the fooling-around-stuff.

5. Can you say that things are running smoothly for you?
No. There are times when I feel that today is the worst day of my life and tomorrow will be a lot worse. There were really sad times so I cannot say that things are really smooth for me but as I am watching my life from afar, I am so much happy with how it’s running.

6. Do you currently miss someone?
Yes, I do. I really do but this longing is very unlike that bittersweet I’ve experienced before. I am now realizing that I don’t actually care about the distance. All I care about is him and his condition. As for now, I am at ease with the thought that he is having enough rest and is fine. I just hope that he really is.

7. Are you better in Math or English?
LOL. I don’t know. LOL again… but I am liking Math better than how I like English. Now, I see Math as a very challenging subject but is connected with life so it matters. Aside from that, it improves the ability of a person to think rationally and creatively. (Since you cannot answer word problems if you don’t think creativity). English, on the other hand, is an expression of the soul. I write in that language. I admit, I am not that comfortable in it and there are still things which I cannot explain and express but I see English as something really interesting.

8. Who do you really want to see right now?
My dearest CHGA. If teleport is just possible…

9. In the past week, have you felt stupid?
Honestly, yes, but it was not something negative. There was just a word problem in Math which seemed very simple but I wasn’t able to answer correctly.

10. What did you do last night?
Answered e-mails, tried to write, played games, read books, searched for more books, slept, ate, dreamt.

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