Sunday, May 24, 2009

Last Masterpiece

May 24, 2009
Dear friend,

Today is quite depressing and I’ll tell you why as I go on. In our little barangay in Malolos City, almost all people know each other, knows their jobs, their history and a certain view of their attitudes. People in here are so in tack to each other that when you have a certain ailment or you just came from the hospital, they will crowd your room and will make you feel that you’re finally home. When you have a new baby, she will be confused about who her parents are because my neighbors will grab chances to hug your child and make her feel that she is a star of her own.

When I was a child, I remember my neighbors making fun of me and my innocence. They will make me dance and sing in front of many people and I thought that that was good. Among those people, I call my Mommy Odek as my favorite. I really liked her as a child because she makes me dance and sing and gives me a lot of round colorful chewing gums afterwards. I cannot remember much after that but she must be very special because I call her mommy.

As I grew older, Mommy Odek’s husband died and from then on, she just stays inside her house and devoted the rest of her life taking care of her sons who are way older than I am. I was seven at that time and when it’s Christmas or Halloween or my birthday, my Mommy Odek will cook spaghetti and fruit salad and give it to me. She knows exactly my favorite and will compare me to the prettiest actresses on Philippines’ show business. She knows what makes me flattered. As I again grew older, she sews my school uniform and my gowns for parties. These dresses were products of her hard work for she sews everything with her hand and no machine at all. Our relationship emerged from chewing gums to dresses, from my childhood to my puberty.

As I woke up this morning, trying to sleep as long as possible for the Santacruzan this night, I checked my gown. That was the first thing I did because Mommy Odek’s promise was this morning and I have to keep all the thrill of seeing it. It was very pretty and full of accents and I actually felt very excited to wear it. It was long and almost majestic, as perfect as I dreamt it to be. “Beautiful, isn’t it?” my mom interrupted and as I agreed, she said that it was Mommy Odek’s last masterpiece. She died this morning, at six thirty after attending mass. After the shocking news, I remembered everything- how she keeps the dog on the cage when I come to her house to play, how she joined me in various contests I’ve joined, how she treated me as her own daughter. All I can do was stare at the gown she made for me and imagine her putting every single bead in there. All I can do was wish that our time spent together was longer but her life’s goal was already done and her own sons are already stable with their life- have families and children already so more or less, she was contented when she left. I suppose, it wasn’t depressing after all because she was not in pain when she died. Her death was very peaceful and everyone is certain that she is in a better place now and is happy. Maybe, there wasn’t any better ending for her than that and I am happy to see her smiling face… only it was inside a coffin but prayers are effective and after more realizations, I know I’ll accept everything.

Love always,


Ash said...

Such a touching story. And you narrated it so well that I can exactly understand how you were feeling.


Rhaingel said...


It's so sad.. sadder than how I sounded but I know that it's for her best.