Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Post-Summer Evaluation

When summer was just ahead and the sun wasn’t as scorching as it is now, I made a list of things to accomplish for summer 2009. I said that the summer is such an enjoyable season and that I cannot afford to let it pass without enjoying every bit of it lying on my couch. (For review, click on THIS ). Everyday of my summer 2009, I was thinking about these things. Of course, it’s something for us if we set goals and accomplish them. That will make us believe more in ourselves. Now, it’s my time to evaluate myself and see if ever I set goals and committed myself to those or I just set empty words.

First, I said that I’ll finish four books. For this summer, I finished the following: Chicken Soup for the Soul, The Lies my Yaya Did Not Told Me, A Walk to Remember and The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I am also currently reading The Time Traveler’s Wife and I am sure to finish it before the start of the first semester. Providing a little review, among the books I’ve read, A Walk to Remember was my favorite. Maybe because I am just too biased because I really look up to Nicholas Sparks and I love his works and his words. He is my favorite writer so far and I am an enthusiast for romance. To be perfectly fair, I love the others books, too and I learned so much on those. They were like tiny grains of virtues on my way and the only reasonable choice is to pick them up and live with them.

Second, I said that I’ll finish my novel. Argh. To be honest, I haven’t. I was writing a novel and spoilers are not allowed here. I promise myself to not let any information or detail out. I’ll just leave you with the truth that I haven’t finish it and the promise that my blog will contain the information about it as soon as it’s done. This is an unsettled business and the due date is forever.

Third, I said, I should get a minimum of six hours of sleep a day… and I made it! Cheers! I sleep for four hours every night and take a two-hour nap every afternoon and during travel so I made it! Though it sounds relaxing, I still feel un-relaxed about it. For me, it’s still not enough. Sleeping during travel gives me the migraine and the need for a brewed coffee. Sleeping during nighttime is still different and is a lot better than those naps.

Fourth, I said that I am going to pass Math and this morning, I saw my grades on my on line account and it was very fulfilling. I passed Math and got a reasonable grade. I don’t have any idea on how my grade will turn out so I was happy to finally see my professor’s idea about me and my performance. Now, I am settled for Math 64 and I finally got my passport to it. The journey for the passport was a rough one but the bottom line that I made it makes me ignore the journey.

Last but certainly not the least, I made a vow to write everyday and the truth is I did but some of my writings are not in this blog anymore. Maybe, the next month’s goal is to write everyday and put this writings not on draft but publish it on line. After all, my writings don’t improve at all if it’s just saved on MS Word in My Documents. I’d rather hear criticisms from people who know and are sharing the same passion with me.


ShatterShards said...

It's good to make a list of things to look forward to during the summer, and I admire that you are able to tick off much from your list. I remember my summers before, and I am guilty of letting lethargy kick in. hehe

Thanks for the concern, Rhaingel! and thankfully, the cooling problem has been fixed yesterday. We can now breathe (and work) easily today. hehe

Thanks also for dropping by!

Rhaingel said...


I just really don't want to spoil my summer so I made a list. I am still not satisfied. I wish I can finish all of those goals.

You're welcome.. Thanks too! :)

Carms said...

That is a good idea

Rhaingel said...


Thanks for your bloggy hop :D