Saturday, May 09, 2009

Postless Days

Busy like hell for the past few days. Math sucking all of my time and energy. Got no time for a book or a post. In my little numbered world, man, I was lost. Too occupied to answer messages. Too tired, exhausted and restless. Sleep all night. Sleep all day. Sing cute little rain, rain, go away. Rain showering while summer. Everyone confused about the weather. Slippery roads and slippery mind, grasping for thoughts then they were all of a sudden, out of sight. Faster blinks, people stinks, hey, not everyone thinks.

Confused, frustrated and tired. Happy, enthusiastic and excited. The soul of a flower, never surrender, we are destined to be happy together forever. Monster kill, full of thrill, argh, this game gives me the chill. Nothing to do. Today is Saturday, a chunk of time to relax and play.

Too many questions clouding my mind, blotting like ink, not that kind. Shifting my attention to other things, trying so hard to create distraction. Hell, in this kind of activity, there is really no satisfaction. More than sleeping, eating and drinking. Less than caring, loving and hurting. More than life and life itself. More than help and help instead. Everything is in flood and flood is in everything and that seemed enough, more than enough, but uh… probably not. Hero’s welcome and hero’s fall. More than a love story and a pretty gown ball. Nothing to do and nothing to think about. No topic to discuss and no problems to solve yet to many integrals to set-up. Argh. Time is running, memories fading and disappointments growing. Questions again, still no answers, mischievous imagination works. Why is the question, because is the answer, leaving people unconvinced. Sorry is the line, soothe by it’s okay, then repeating mistakes all over again. Tiring experiences, don’t want to talk, don’t want to move, don’t want to hear explanations. Tiring experiences, don’t want to think, don’t want to see, don’t want to melt my heart again.

Dimming lights, fading eyesight, increasing questions. Senseless post, leaving people clueless, leaving the writer more perplexed. That’s more like it. Just writing, still thinking, still bugged. There is nothing to do but everything requires doing. Postless days, busy schedule, no connection at all. Pointless dramas, senseless excuses and broken vices. Failed wishes, impaired plans and foolish chance. Destiny speaks but death peeks and vengeance now seeks. Fallen angel, lots of gummy bear. End of the paragraph, end of the post, end of the brainfart.

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