Sunday, May 17, 2009

Presure-less Sunday

Tomorrow will be a different day, I know. It is not the usual Monday when I wake up early to avoid the rush hour and everyone also does because we have an exam in this time of the week. At first, Monday exams were the worst part of being a student because it ruins our weekends. It makes us avoid staying up late at Sunday night and watching unlimited DVDs. After several weeks of getting used to it, Sunday has always been reserved for the preparation for the next day and we realized, little by little, that Monday is really the best part of the week where we can schedule the exam. At seven in the evening, we’ll all feel the pressure of cramming and the blame that we should have started reviewing earlier, but it was too late and what’s left to do is ask other classmates for the unsolved problems. It was always like that and Sunday is incomplete without all those pressure. Every week, though we know what’s going to happen, we don’t change those things, still giving in to the destiny we laid for ourselves.

Now, I am done to my last week of school and I am really happy. I am happy because finally, I can sleep at twelve and wake up at one or better, never wake up at all. I am happy because I can now read books which I took for granted because of natural logarithmic. I am happy, most especially, because I’ve accomplished something which I am totally proud of and that I never imagined myself being in love with Math and seeing its perks on my life.

Because this upcoming week will be our last, our professor put off our fifth long exam to Tuesday instead of Monday and I saw this as a prolonged time to review and answer exercises. My professor said, “I know that this lesson is difficult for you. It is difficult for the teacher too and there is no easy way out. What you are supposed to do is gain experience about this thing and progressively, you’ll find it easier.” I interpreted it as answering exercises. When you encounter the problem, it will really be difficult but with a second look, you’ll have an idea, more or less, on what to do. So I started preparing last Friday. At least, when I fail, I’ll say that I did everything and I doubled the effort. I remember CHGA saying, “…just like when you want to go to the center of the earth and you are on the last layer, thinking that soon, all of these will be over but you are also aware that the last layer is the thickest and hottest of all and it will be the biggest challenge of your journey to the center of the earth”. Now, I am seeing this week as the toughest. Long exam at Tuesday and finals at Friday. There isn’t much time to be idle since this is the last. Why not give everything? I mean, EVERYTHING.

When it was seven in the evening, a while ago, there were no messages which ask me about the answer or about my solutions. It felt unusual and the atypical thing tripled when I really had a hard time in answering the questions. I texted all of them, asking if they are already done with the said assignment and they all said, “No. I haven’t started it. The exam is still on Tuesday” and for me, it was clearly implied that they will start cramming tomorrow. Okay, hands-off to their decisions. Some people really work better under pressure and maybe, I am not one of those. I just thought that tomorrow will be a different Monday. There will be no celebrating classmates on arcades and restaurants because the exam is not yet over and as it was implied, they will start cramming tomorrow. I also thought that today is also a different Sunday, pressure-less and very idle.


Rena said...

Hi Rhaingel! I've given you an award on my blog today --

lucas said...

it's cool to know that you have finally fallen in love with Math. i still hate it.hahaha!

vacation niyo na! :)

Rhaingel said...

@RENA: Thank you! I'll be getting it soon. Thank you! Thanks so much! :D

@LUCAS: haha. I really love the way my prof sounds when she associates Math with life. It makes me understand the concept and points to reflect on. Yehey! Bakasyon na! :D