Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Student Still

One of the reasons why I tried to log in the internet everyday is that someone asked for my help. It wasn’t a big thing for me. He was like an apprentice, doing things which I did while in high school and so my advices are somehow important. He was a freshman when I was a senior and now that I am incoming second year college, he is an incoming junior student and has matured a lot ever since. He is an undeniably great writer, someone whose words are full of points and sense and someone whose works will make you think about your own work and realize that you were still shallow at that age, still unable to produce what he can. His expertise is on individualism, politics and criticisms, someone who can write an editorial or news on a paper.

He asked me to be his teacher, to give him topics to write everyday and then check his work, give constructive criticisms and advices in order for him to be better. I knew his plans and when I was a junior high school, I also wanted to improve on the passion I chose. Writing, that is. I felt the privilege of being his teacher because it means that he is looking up to me and I thought that he is now willing to change some of his not-that-good-attitude (well, when I was the chief editor and he is a staff writer, it gives me the challenge to make him write because he doesn’t want to).

While thinking about the topics I can give him, I realized that he is already good with the serious stuff so I want him to have a taste of things like poetry, essays which purpose is to entertain and other topics which has a very light mood. I believe that to be an effective writer, one should really be versatile. Not because Nicholas Spark’s expertise is on romance doesn’t mean that he doesn’t know how to make people laugh or cry. Of course he does. That is the reason why his works are very effective, because there is drama, comedy and realizations there. My apprentice and I decided to have an appointment every two in the afternoon and mind you, it really is a challenge for me since I usually come home at 1:30 and I still have to eat lunch and sleep for my poor body. Sacrifices are important and I just thought that I’ll be very satisfied to read some of his works which are not that serious and will make me laugh. Those things will pay my sacrifice of delaying my sleep and lunch. Our first topic was about music. He plays the piano so well and loves the music so much but not how I do with CHGA. I thought that he can use that skill in order to express his inner self. I said, “Make a poetic essay that will describe music”. I was expecting something like “with every gentle finger kissing the keyboard” or something like, “It was melodic like little raindrops on the rooftop” but he was able to push in politics, individualism, society and other serious stuff to his essay. Argh! I thought that I should push him more but little by little. For our second topic, I said, “Make an essay which purpose is to entertain. It should be away from the serious stuff and will answer the question, if you will have a jeepney, what will you put to its headboard?” Then that was the end of it. I haven’t heard from him since Tuesday and from how I am seeing it, it means that he wants no appointment with me anymore. I think I pushed him in a snap. Maybe I was too harsh to pull him from his comfort zone. Maybe he wasn't ready.

Now, I am focusing on being both a teacher and a student for myself. Maybe, I don’t know yet how to teach someone and not yet on the place to be a teacher who can inspire others. I am not yet satisfied with my works and so to improve my works should be my present focus.


The Rambler said...

I think it's great your mentoring.

Eh, he'll come back. If not. You still got him started into something you and he both are passionate about :)

Maria Carmela S. Laya said...

hi you are a good writer.

Rhaingel said...

Umm.. I am not mentoring anymore.. Maybe I should really improve myself first. That was something positive. Thank you for sharing it with me. At least, I've shared him even a little of what I have. :D

Hi! Thank you so much! :D