Friday, June 19, 2009

Drizzle on Me

My Mister Rain, when will you come again?
To drop and fall directly from heaven
To give a cold bath to those who weep
To give me a chance for a coffee sip

Oh Mister Rain, I’m gloomy without you
The sun’s cruel, piercing me through
The flowers are almost withered and dry
The birds don’t anymore chirp and fly

Rain, Rain, Oh Mister Rain of heaven
You pour like crystals which sizes are even
Can't help but feel blessed, away from distress
I'm loving these silver drops helpless and selfless

Mister Rain, Mister Rain, where are you now?
To bring back earth’s glory is your undying vow
To make the waves of the sea crashing
To make playing children laughing

Oh Mister Rain this poem is to let you know
I envy them – them who play in the snow
All I am asking is just a chilly drizzle
To make the wind blow and silently whistle

“When, oh when?” is my question Mister Rain
Will the blood of the Earth run in my vein?
A downpour, yes, Mister Rain, just a downpour
Will cheer up and emphasize the flower’s contour

Mister Rain, I call you with this poem
Sink directly in front of our home
Water my mom’s plants on the pots
In the still lake, ripple and make dots

Make the clouds dusky and heavy
Provide time people to lie down comfortably
Pour everything, everything, and make me sing
While a kiss in the rain will make a bell ring.


Who is Ann said...

I stumbled upon your blog somehow. I dont even remember how. I just know that I love words and yours are rockstar. I blog a little myself but ashamed to say my words pale in comparison to yours. I am From Ohio in the United States. My blog is titled WHo is Ann if i did it right here is the link. Im not so hot with computers.

Rhaingel said...

Ow.. Thanks for the praises. It makes me want to write more. :) I'll drop by your blog soon. Thanks for dropping a comment :)