Tuesday, June 09, 2009


I creep; I crawl and beg for a touch
Of your delicate petals, I come to vouch
No rain will ever drift me away
No waves, no breeze will ever make me sway.
For here I lie awake beside your roots,
Oh dear flower, no lightning can scare me to death
No thunder can ever make me scream
But this love for you as it moves inch by inch,
Grows deeper and deeper, even more profound
Than your roots can ever reach.
Virtues and faith are what you teach,
Dearest, of concerns and kindness, you really are rich!
Of all the flowers here, you are entirely different
You alone I crave and dream and follow where you went.
And though the bees might steal you from me
What can I do aside from wishing for your safety?
As much as I wish that you are mine and mine alone
Of all my greed, you might have drown
And if someday you realize that it is Ms. Butterfly
Who won over me and really did the best to try,
You can just tell me you’re sorry and pull my roots off
For there is no sense in loving if it was never mine
Nor there is a sense in breathing in strife
If she, from the start, has started your life.
There is no sense in giving you refuge
If her assurance and protection is nothing but huge.
And hence if everything is nothing but a dried leave,
You might as well get rid off me and let me be heave
Let the storm destroy me and let me destroy the storm
Let me be battered, warped and be deformed.
And for a while, ask me if I am happy
While I am drowning in all your bees’ honey,
And for a while catch me staring at your petal
Being smelled by others, for me it’s fatal.
If you know, dear flower, that it will never be me,
Allow that playing child to rest his foot on me
And nothing will ever disturb you again,
No more rhymes or poems or verses then
No more hopeless romantic,
No more wicked sick.

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