Friday, June 19, 2009

First Week of sCOOL!

Today is the start of my three-day weekend. Well, I am happy and lazy for it. Party happy because this means that I can wake up at twelve and can read some chapters of the novels I am depriving myself whenever schooldays. I am happy because this also means that I can spoil myself to television and internet… but the same, I am also partly lazy because this means that as much as I want to have fun, I should also be responsible – responsible enough to know that next week is bound to be more challenging and I have to chase the pressure. I can’t let it all sink to me and drown me eventually. What I’m referring to is Math – I know that I won’t pass the subject if I won’t double my efforts. It’s vital and knowing the history of my professor, I should really do everything. Let me give you an idea about how I see this semester.

First, Math 109. It is actually about the techniques of proving some theories of Math using some symbolic language. So far, so good because it resembles the Philosophy class I used to love. My professor is a woman in her thirties (I hope I’m right) and looking at her, she somehow resembles my mom. Though the subject was so-far-so-good, there is a bit of uncomfortable-ness while I find myself stuck in her class. Sometimes, I daydream and stare blankly at the window, asking myself about certain philosophies I usually believe in. From time to time, I check my watch and can’t help but hope that it’s already time because I am excited for my next class which happens to be:

Math 64, Calculus II. So far, the topics we are concerned with are about integration and I am more enthusiastic in that subject than in any other subjects I am enrolled in. In fact, after arriving home, that’s the first thing I check and the first thing I study. I think, the addiction first occurred to me because the professor was a terror one in his own kind. He enters the room, doesn’t greet and doesn’t smile. He proceeds directly to the board, write some examples and ask the students to answer it. Others say that his exams are out-of-this-world, that you’ll have a nosebleed answering those and I suppose that that’s the reason why he’s famous. I find him challenging. In fact, very challenging and the satisfaction oozes all around my body whenever I get the answers to his questions correctly. Now, I don't see Calculus like it's something that adds burden to my life. It's something that increases my patience :D

Physics 71. Physics. So far, this subject gets in my nerves though I see its connection to my Calculus class. First, the professor requires me to bring two notebooks (should be red and green) apart from my lecture notebook and that reminds me of being in high school again. It adds weight in my shoulders. Second, she isn’t sure about what she’s saying and teaching. Our class includes more than a hundred students and you have to be really sure about what you say because they are keenly listening. I constantly become disappointed because there is a time when I know she was wrong and she knows that too and everyone’s blood suddenly rushed and they were arguing and I just thought that learning is better if the one teaching you knows her materials well and she is sure about what she says and she can prove it.

Anyway, even though I do like the professors I have or I don’t, I got no choice but concentrate on the education I have luckily having rather than the educator. I still have the capability to open a book and learn from myself so that I won’t be disappointed anymore. I decided that maybe I shouldn’t box a person – to judge her/him and dislike her/him right away. This will destroy me and worsen my personality.


Bob Zenon said...

Astig naman yung mga sinabi mo, nakakainspire! Lalo na yung sa last paragraph! Ooppsss okay lang ba Filipino? Sorry kung hindi :)

Rhaingel said...

Hey! Thanks for dropping by! Okay lang na Filipino. Hmm.. Kasi, I don't like my Physics prof eh :D