Thursday, June 11, 2009

Independence Day

June 11, 2009
Dear Friend,

Tomorrow is the celebration of Independence Day of the Philippines. This commemoration is already ongoing even before I was born, meaning, this is older than I am. Nevertheless, my Philippine History subject tells me that this “independence” is from the colonizers or influencers if you prefer to have it as a term. College History, tells me that it is from the Spaniards, Americans, Japanese and from the Muslim rebels. I won’t argue much about the independence stuff for there are still millions of Filipinos believing that we still don’t have it. They suppose that we are still not completely free and I consider this to have something associated with being a protectorate of other powerful country or maybe connected with the administrators and leaders whom they love to disgust.

I’m not a person who can be a Filipina emblem. I am not like the brave Gabriela Silang who fought hard for freedom, neither am I like my other schoolmates who are so attached politically to the point that they absent on some of our classes to join street demonstrations or boycotts. I don’t go to streets and fight for truth or justice. There is something in me that says it’s enough to know and I am not that able physically and emotionally to go out and scream and fight. Maybe I am also not convinced to do that, still don’t have sufficient reasons to risk everything I already am. For me, it has always been enough to know what they are fighting for and whom they are fighting… and I admit, sometimes, I feel that it’s a shame for me to know what’s going on and what’s wrong but seemed to be just contented to watch it all failing, to watch the corrupt and abusive on their thrones and stare helplessly at those eyes of the people who define the word ‘poverty’. Philippines’ government is neither a monarchy nor dictatorial. It’s democratic- the kind which power lies on the people and I believe when Dr. Rizal once said that we should all take part in making our country a better place because this is our own country. No one will care for it but Filipinos. I don’t have the ideas to change the world and I am aware that those things don’t happen in a snap. I know that the Philippines still need a lot of years to actually recover and move on from all the crisis it faced recently and those years may mean even more than my lifetime but I do believe in collective action, too, to voice out one’s principles and points of view, to let them know that we are all aware of their abuse and greed and to care for this country and fellow Filipinos. Though uncertain, I think, it may give the guilt to those who are doing wrong. I hope that it does.

This isn’t a post to tell people to go to streets and start rallying because most of them don’t know the issue, anyway, and to fight for something you know not is like catching a black ant on the dark even you are not sure that there exist one. This is a post allowing people to know that I also know but had chosen the safe way, as you might say, which is writing and voicing out to this little spot on the web. Maybe I should focus first in changing how I used to be, greedy and self-centered, before I concentrate on a bigger world.

Love always,

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