Friday, June 12, 2009

Long Distance

Your sweet hello’s gives me the last song syndrome
Keeping every sound from your lips in my ear’s dome
When you ask sincerely how my day has been
Unspoken words say it’s more than how it’s goin’
For the very moment I hear you speak,
Everything glows; everything is romantic
Grasping for words, I can only say “I’m okay”
In my heart, it shouts, “I’ll love you everyday!”
Your uplifting laughter lingers on my hearing
Providing definition for my entire being
It’s indescribable and beyond definition
When I try to fathom, it leads to an ignition
Your breath when you say “I miss you”
Is my dream, my star, too good to be true
It leaves me breathless, unable to say anything
Speechless, realizing you’re my everything.
The passion in your voice keeps me alive
To keep you forever is my constant strive
Though there were times when your voice seems sad
And when I look at the heavens, I cannot be glad
For part of your soul is living inside your voice
I know I need to do everything to save it from the noise. Your sweet and touching words tickle all of me
The shivers continue and give me the glee
It leaves me at ease and even wondering
If there exists a greater and more intense feeling
But as I shook my head and realize there’s none
All the heartaches of yesterday are simply gone
And as I say that I love you more than you’ll ever know
Tears of happiness from eyes constantly flow
Because these words of truth cannot be told exactly
Not in a message or a phone call directly
And as you thank me for that conversation
While it’s me who should do the appreciation
I can’t help but imagine how lucky I am
To finally find my mister, my man
And when you say, “Goodbye, honey”
I became partly sad and partly happy
For I know that after that beep that says it’s over
There is the wish that says “I hope it’s forever”
For when I talk to you, I’m more than comfortable
My heart swells with joy with your every call
But everything will be okay then
As soon as I hear your “hello” again.

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