Monday, June 15, 2009

Now a Proud Sophomore

Today marks the last day of my short vacation. Oops. I honestly believed that it wasn’t short but they say that it is. I mean, there were extremely boring days that I cannot believe that it was just an hour since I last took a look on the clock so I suppose that it’s not short since it made me, at some point, bored. There were times when all I can ever say is “I hope I’ll get back to school soon” then follow it with such a helpless sigh.

Since I’ll be getting up early tomorrow (and I wish not to be late, really) and have no time to log on the web early in the morning, maybe I’ll grab this moment to write that I had a really fun vacation. For my entire college life so far, this vacation allowed me to think and be re-directed as I’ve mentioned many times in my blog. Now that I am back to school tomorrow, I’ll admit that I am neither excited nor lazy for it. I am not jumping while writing this with the anticipation that tomorrow will be cool or tomorrow will really be fun or at least different from my usual slacking around. On the other hand, I am also not lazy for school tomorrow. I don’t have wishes like “I hope that vacation will be extended” or “I hope that it will rain tomorrow - rain so hard that classes will be suspended”. I think, this feeling is associated with being ready for the things which are unavoidable and are required for my age. I know that being back to school means a lot of things: being busy with the struggle to pass every subject, being sleepless, being pre-occupied, being stressed-out and stressing myself even more, being with classmates and friends who are really fun to be with and making the most of the moments spend with him/them, meeting different kinds of professors from all walks of life, name it all! I know that being a student is an occupation that requires a lot of patience and hopes that these are all for the better because if it’s not, we might as well join dreamless teenagers who sings “Whatever will be, will be” at the topmost of their voices. I am just midway between excited and lazy, just right, just enough not to ruin everything.

Since my bags are all packed and I do believe that I’ve done everything to make an advance study, all that’s left for me to do today is enjoy the weather today and times like this because tomorrow might be slightly different. I am expecting a few changes in my usual lethargic schedule. Maybe I’ll be dealing with Physics during the time that I am supposed to watch the television. Maybe I’ll be trying to prove some theories when I am supposed to chat and never care about anything else. Maybe I’ll be solving when it’s time for me to read posts from blog-o-sphere… and don’t get me wrong. I don’t have any hard feelings towards those. I know that there is a time for study and time for recreational activities. I know now how to separate them (Well, I do hope that I know by now) and I guess, this summer semester taught me to act accordingly and responsibly. After all, I am already seventeen, too young to know what’s going to happen but old enough to know what to do in whatever happens. I should be thinking about my future and those people who had their fingers crossed whenever I have an exam. Regarding regular posting, maybe I’ll write during travels, a poem or a limerick or an essay. Maybe I’ll write during yawning gaps and doodling moments or when I am not that sleepy while I am on that long, clear and traffic-less expressway (and they are not paying me for these adjectives). I don’t want to completely abandon writing for it teleports me to a different world just when I need to, just when I feel like everything’s unfair just because numbers were invented and was introduced to me. Perhaps, you can still expect a post or two per week telling no one about how my week went, its ups and downs and its ups again (hopefully). Writing, for the longest run, saved me from my insanity.


ShatterShards said...

Good luck on your first day of school! I don't miss it, to be perfectly honest. hehe

Rhaingel said...

Haha! But I do now. I feel like I am soooo inspired. haha! Thanks, anyway. First day of school was really COOOOL :D

Bob Zenon said...

Haha! Go sophomores!

Rhaingel said...

game game game na sa second year of college :D