Sunday, June 28, 2009

On Dreams and Quitting

I roughly have an hour to make a post. It’s not that it’s quite short since there are times when ideas flow fluidly and the next thing I knew is I’m hitting that button that says, “Publish now”. Right now, I don’t have sufficient things to talk about. Yes, I spent four days studying in school and there are unforgettable moments but then I’ll bore my readers if I pick that topic.

Let me choose this one: I was on my normal Internet browsing. I opened the accounts I have on line namely- Blogspot, Yahoo Mail and Friendster and checked if there are urgent messages. I honestly cannot spoil myself in talking or chatting to people unlimitedly if I don’t want to fail my exams for this upcoming week. While checking my own site and the others, too, I felt kind of irritated. Yeah, kind of, then I realized that people are really different and so as their ambitions. It occurred to me because I read a bulletin of a schoolmate saying that she wants to transfer school because she finds our current university full of pressure. She says that she cannot cope up and she really finds it academically difficult to study there. I was sort of disappointed, mainly because she thought about quitting just because it’s difficult and I reflected my first year in college. I’ll lie if I’ll say that it was much too easy for me. It was really difficult- physically, emotionally and academically. There were even times when I felt alone, empty, you know, no one to talk to but never did I thought about quitting this thing and transferring to another school just because it’s easier to cope up there. There were times when I’ll solve and overwork myself and lie awake at night, sobbing myself to sleep. It was a big leap for me and yes, I felt out of place, too, like I don’t belong with those really intelligent people. I felt left behind.

Right now, I don’t feel that intense kind of knowledge inferiority anymore. It’s just enough to push me into solving everyday and taking extra effort to achieve higher grades. Honestly, whenever I can’t get the lesson right away, I feel like I don’t belong to where I was sitting and to where I was studying but that pain drives me to proving that I have a right to be there, too. After all, anything is possible, right? Why quit your dream when you are faced with challenges? Indeed, there is no easy way to get there. There are no shortcuts or hidden path so perseverance is a must. I don’t know when or where or what particular instant started easing that knowledge inferiority from me. All I know is that everything ends up well. I might as well wait for that end and hey, God doesn’t work or think like how I do so maybe, these academic challenges are just there so that achieving that dream will be really worth it in the end.

Right, it isn’t my business if she finds the pressure too much to handle. It isn’t my business, either, if she feels like quitting and transferring is the key to achieving your dream. I just hope that somehow, she’ll come across this post and realize that everyone experienced that but not everyone gave up. It’s actually a choice whether to persevere or not, to waste one’s opportunity or make the most out of it. I just hope that she’ll remember the speech we usually deliver back in high school that nothing in this world is actually easy and the degree of difficulty of something is based on the satisfaction you’ll get after achieving it.

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