Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Out of This World

LOL. I was browsing the Internet for some Physics e-book when I hopped on this one. This is my definition of an out-of-this-world survey and it made me laugh out loud. I wasn’t expecting such questions. Feel free to grab this anytime you like. :)

1. What it your crush told you that he/she loves you and then there came a dragon in front of you, what is your favorite food?
Haha. I fell out of my chair. Well, for the question, it’s pizza.

2. If you are with your crush and then there came an earthquake, what will you say to those who hate Manny Pacquiao?
Got nothing to say. Well, it’s their opinion. I might as well respect it.

3. You won a million dollar, what color would you like the rainbow be?
I want it the way it is now, but I like the colors to be really emphasized, like you’ll see that this part is blue, this one is yellow. I want it to appear like how it does on children’s book.

4. Suppose you were given a special power by a fairy, what was the name of your first pet?
Hmm.. It’s jasmine, a rabbit.

5. Suppose you’ll be inheriting a hundred hectares land, which do you prefer? Calamansi or soy sauce?
I like Calamansi better. It’s sour taste makes it very distinct and very familiar both at the same time.

6. If you’ll kill a person, where have you been last night?
I was just at home, like a true-blooded responsible teenager

7. If you found yourself on a forest full of dangerous animals, will you pulverize the sentinel?
(Okay. This applies to those who play the game) No. Sentinel is my most-of-the-time-home. I like it more than the Scourge.

8. In this global crisis, what is your favorite band?
Actually, I am not that into bands. I am more fond of individual singers.

9. If you happen to pass by your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend with his/her new love, what will you do to help those victims of certain calamities?
The bets way I can help is to pray for them and if there’s a chance, donate canned goods or any other food.

10. If you found your best friend pregnant then she asked you, KFC or McDo, what will you answer?
KFC. I love the mash potato there!

11. If the world will explode tomorrow, then you found out that the one you like likes you back, what is the name of your dentist?
Dra. Eunice.

12. Yes or no only. What do you feel right now?

13. With our unstable government, do you think the raisin’s size will change?
Haha. No. It’s size is actually fine.

14. You were stranded in an elevator and you cannot ask help from anyone, what will you do to leave your house tomorrow?
I’ll ask mom for permission.

15. You suddenly remember your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend. Do you think your grade 1 teacher still remembers you?
No. I was passive that time.

16. Suppose your past love doesn’t talk to you anymore, do you think he/she knows the feeling to have sunburns?

17. You were caught by the police for a crime you did not do. What will you so that she/he will add you on friendster?
He is already my friend there.

18. Your family will go to an out-of-town trip while your friends decided to throw a party, which do you prioritize first, shirts or pants?

19. You broke your friend’s trust. What will you do to have the glow of the nature back?
I’ll do what a student should be doing.

20. If you put some water on beef and then put chicken cubes there, what will dominate, dunks or supras?
Wah! Got no idea there!


ShatterShards said...

I'm loving those questions! haha!

Reminds me of those baranggay-level beauty pageant questions like "If you were stranded on a desert island, how did you get there?" or "If you can be any flower you want to be, why not?"

Where did you get these questions, by the way? :-D

HOMER said...

Adik gumawa nito! pero ayus! love ko ang mga adik eh haha!!

12. Yes or no only. What do you feel right now?

Share ko sa iba ok lang?.. ;)

Rhaingel said...

haha. I love those questions, too. Sobrang out-of-this-world. You'll never know where did they get those. haha. I saw them on friendster :)

haha. adik nga.. :))
Sure. Sure. You can share it with others :D