Saturday, June 06, 2009

Random Catastrophe

As the rain poured endlessly on the still wet surroundings, I found myself stuck inside our house. With the gray clouds stretching over the almost-dusk sky, the chilling weather won’t allow me to go somewhere else especially on a destination quite far from home. I thought that this day will just be devoted to Math since I heard and it was confirmed that our vacation is extended for another week. I thought that that span of time will allow me to make five advanced lessons on Calculus and feel Physics after skipping it for a year. Maybe that extension wasn’t that bad after all if it’s for the best.

As I was going on with numbers, I became bored. It’s not that I lost my enthusiasm again. I’d rather believe that I still got this awe with words and haven’t overcome it so that beats numbers for a little while. Maybe that’s the reason why I settled for another novel this day (it’s The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks). I am appreciating words and statements more than how I did lately and now, I am more open to poetry and great people like Edgar Allan Poe and William Shakespeare. I look up to them because they usually know how to express all their love and feelings. I wonder if they also felt that words are never enough. It feels good to really appreciate what I’m reading and not do it simply because of boredom or just to avoid slacking around.

After acquiring tired eyes, I went to our balcony, which brink seems to catch all of these teardrops from heaven. From up above, the ripples caused by every rainfall appear like iris of a little child trying to figure out what’s out there in the dark. It’s increasing in size, little by little, until that moment when the water can no longer accommodate its glowing and it’s gone. The frost was refreshing and I can smell winter though I haven’t even experienced one. Maybe it smells this way. Though the feeling was really revitalizing than you can ever imagine, a doze of unhappiness crept in my veins. My mom’s plants all appeared like falling shoulders because of too much rain. The leaves are yellowish and are very pale and there isn’t a spot of a flower or a fruit. If it’s a person, she should be on the Intensive Care Unit, malnourished and starving of sunlight. I know that my mom will be disappointed to see these little natures we allowed our home to have destructed by the regular drizzle. After all the effort she made to finally make them grow and bloom, this is not how she wanted this to see. If she has nothing to do, she usually looks at these plants and takes a feel of its thorns and its flowers. She does it always. She weeds it regularly and gets excited whenever there is something on bloom. I usually wonder if that is also the way she felt when she knew that she was pregnant for her first-born.

Anyway, for the rest of the day, I’ll be answering e-mails. I am really sorry I took for granted some of the messages I received for the past months. Now that I am reading messages again, I know I’ve missed it and maybe, it isn’t too late to do a bit of catching up and sharing. I feel excited, like I am on a reunion or something and I am glad because people seem to be the same as I first knew them and their enthusiasm and points of view on things are highly contagious, even more phenomenal than the swine flu.


ShatterShards said...

I'm not such a fan of the rain either. I get depressed when I wake up to rainfall, then turn angry when I realize that I have to go to work under that uncompromising downpour. A few days ago, one of my umbrellas died due to hard winds accompanying the rain. Lucky it was only drizzling at the time, otherwise, I would have gone to the office dripping wet.

I admire that you can study your maths even during the break. When I was studying, my IQ had a tendency to drop quite a few notches during the break. I'm not a fan of structured learning, but I am enamored with learning random bits of trivia. hehe

Rhaingel said...


Oh.My condolences to your umbrella. We are experiencing a cyclone of the weather. *sigh* The sun shines so brightly then a downpour on the afternoon makes the people crazy. Sometimes, the rain gives us times to remember.

I am attached to Math now, perhaps, committed also. This is the best I can do for a better future. I Just hope that my enthusiasm won't leave me. :D