Friday, June 05, 2009


In visions of a gloomy afternoon,
Your face shines bright, like stars of the moon.
The touch of your face remains in my palm
Oh beloved, it really feels so calm
To finally feel a tangible you
That sometimes seems a dream in the blue.

A capsule of day-dream once in a while
Of him standing there and me under the veil
Everything is white and all are in bloom
Flowers falling like tears not of gloom.
With eyes so well-defined and romantic lips
With your sweetness, how can I ever resist?

Nothing shines brighter than the spark of your kiss
Pure and genuine, I never had such bliss
Call me happy or perhaps half-crazy
I’ll stand and show you what’s written in destiny
Oh mister, this love had grown so much
My darling, my fear of losing you had grown larger

No person deserves an angel like you
No princess deserves a dance or two
No other name deserves your last
Neither your love, care nor trust
Once in a blue moon the opportunity is
I creep, I beg, let me have it forever, please.


HOMER said...

Im smitten too... :P

Rena said...

That's really pretty.

Rhaingel said...

That's good to hear :)

Thank you! :)