Sunday, June 14, 2009

Timeless Love

If baby, someday, they’ll come and ask me
How come we don’t have any monthsary?
And add that we don’t have any celebration,
I’ll tell them that in our love, there’s no deduction.

I’ll look at the calendar and throw it away
No century, decade, year, month, week and no day
Can tell me exactly how long I’ve been loving
Someone like you, with such an intense feeling.

The date cannot be one, two or three
For everyday comes our infinite glee
It really can’t be four, five, six or seven
Because all the days with you are heaven

Eight, nine, ten or eleven isn’t enough
If you say it is, well, I’ll give you a laugh
Not twelve, thirteen, fourteen or fifteen
Contains what in his eyes I have seen

Sixteen, seventeen or eighteen are not that date
Because everyday, you bet, we really celebrate
It’s not nineteen, twenty nor twenty-one
Because the bliss of holding him is never gone

It’s also not twenty-two, twenty-three or twenty-four
Everyday is new and refreshing; always an open door
It can’t be twenty-five, twenty-six or twenty-eight
Because our love is timeless, never had a date

And never was it twenty-nine, thirty or thirty-one
For my darling, my dearest, my honey and only one
As much as there’s no date when our love has started,
Never will we from each other’s arms be departed

And if they ask me another question
How long has been your love in ignition?
I’ll ask them back, no more and no less
How can you measure something endless?


Bob Zenon said...

I am glad to have witnessed your love. You don't know how you two inspired me, but thanks anyway. Good luck to both of you! :)

Rhaingel said...

Hi! I am glad to find your blog! I'll hop by it anytime now. Thanks for your comment. I am glad that you were inspired. Thanks again! :)