Friday, July 10, 2009

The Failed Wish

Strolling down the road I stopped and checked
Something hindered in my walking, my trek
It was a crystal-like lamp, deep purple in color
Shining, sparkling, something you’ll die for

Touching every little inch of the lamp
Like teenage Bella feeling his vamp
The dust and glitters popped out from it
A magical genie came out for me to meet

He said, “Hey lady, what is your wish?”
I thought Alladin was unreal; I was astonished
But not to waste the one and only wish I have
I closed my eyes and thought of what I love

My current craving is to have my family intact
To be committed to each other, maintain a pact
To not hinder their growth and help them instead
To share and listen to stories in lunch or in bed

To be happy because of everyone in the family
To be happy for everyone in the family
To stay at home as often as possible
To be already home as early as possible

And then I considered saying this aloud to the genie
The kind genie who gave me this rare opportunity
And as I open my mouth to wish and speak
Some of his glitters went to my eyes and seek

I blink and blink and blink and blink
The genie goes shrink, shrink and shrink
Until he is not anymore there to listen
To my only wish directed to heaven

Alas! It was better not to blink anymore
For the pain took me, went inside my core
Sure, Alladin was a beautiful invention
I sat there then with extreme desperation

The genie came... and broke me
Into millions of pieces - broken lady
How I wish that I never had that chance
I should have known this in advance.


Who is Ann said...

You are a very successful writer becasue this post made me feel simply so sad.

Rhaingel said...

I am sorry for making you sad. I just made a poem so that the emotions will be limited (or so I believed) and majority of the feelings contained is for the readers to interpret.

Anyway, thanks for the praises... about the successful writer thing. I am flattered and guilty now - for making you sad.

lucas said...

wishing goes with expecting... and sometimes disappointments. it's the risk we have to take in reaching for the desires of our hearts... i like your works, rhaingel :)

ps: genies are cunning. don't trust them.

Rhaingel said...

Yup. You are right about the expecting thing. Sometimes, I just don't want to keep my hopes into something since I might be disappointed.

Thanks for liking my works. It meant something if it came from a great writer like you :)

I won't do it again :D