Friday, July 17, 2009


Shaking my head, shaking the after-math
Heading that direction, heading that path
Towards that paradise nobody knows
Towards the place where flower grows

Run to the meadow of the orchard-white
Feeling infinite and glad, feeling so light
Run to the breeze of the garden blooming
Stretching my wings, I’m finally soaring

Flying to the place where time isn’t an issue
Flying and tumbling to the same sky-blue
As the wind carries my life’s entire burden
Making me forget everything in this garden

Watching the sky transform its color
From blue to pink, to yellow, to purple
As the sun waves a little sweet goodbye
As the moon peeks slowly, saying “hi”

And as he illuminates everything in the place
I fly to heaven and touch God’s face
Passing the stars and the dark blue galaxy
That boundless place approaching infinity

I’ll be hearing the world sleeping and snoring
On their earthly bed, breaking and dreaming
Thinking nothing ‘bout that soul-and-body scars,
Who paid for birth, for salvation, death and wars.

On halfway of my journey, the sun shone
Giving me heat, my skin and my bone
The moment I knew it, I was back on the garden
No one knew I was out, no one knows heaven

And as I open my eyes to at last, wake up
I know that what happened isn’t a bluff
For in every single night that I rest and sleep
I travel to that mysterious garden, oh deep!

Who can tell me that everything is a dream?
When that paradise is full of real beam
Who can tell me that everything is untrue?
When those images take me away from the blue


lucas said...

wow.. you write poetry with so many words. when i write poems i usually find myself "running out" of words... hehe!

bravo, rhaingel. keep writing, i'll read :)

Rhaingel said...

WOW. It's something for me. Thanks! :)