Friday, July 31, 2009

When I Think About Him

When I think about the one I love
My dearest friend, my angel from up above
How he holds me and never lets me go
How he embraces me like there’s no tomorrow
How he says he loves me and looks at my eyes
How he exposes me to everything that’s nice

When I think about the one I love
How he saved me from the brink of despair
How he made me happy like no one ever dare
How he’d given me everything: trust, love and care
How he says that all his love belongs to me
And that no harm can be done by any party

When I think about the one I love
How he seems like an eagle but also like a dove
How he makes me happy to the uttermost
How this seems to be deeper than any coast
How he pulled me away from the agony
And later on called me as his own honey

Every little thing that I think about him
Makes me want to cry and scream
“I love you and I will always do;
You will be my only and very last boo
From this day on, now and forever
In everything, we shall be together.

When I think about the one I love
I stop and stare and surrender myself
I’ve fallen too much and I can’t help
But love even more than anyone has ever did
And fight for him and give the highest bid
The one I love is indeed everything I need.

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