Sunday, July 05, 2009

Zell @ 18

Today is the season for break-up. I don’t know if there exists such concrete time but if in case it’s the first time you heard about this, maybe, I was the one who discovered it. So can you give me a round of applause now? Thanks!

Yesterday was cool in a sense that I constantly found myself laughing around at jokes from my friends. It’s like witnessing a stand-up comedian perform his/her tricks and it didn’t fail. It was my friend’s eighteenth birthday. She wore a sparkling blue gown and required us to wear a semi-formal attire for (hmm) inconvenience and for more funny moments. You know, those you-seem-to-fit-in-a-coffin looks or you-are-KIND-OF-overdressed statements. So as my old (I actually mean, past) classmates gathered, drank, and ate and partied, some were left to share stories and update each other about how life has been going for all of us. I heard that the relationships formed while we were still in high school are no longer going strong. In fact, those relationships are now nowhere to be found. Like I’ve said, it’s break-up time and the ones involved are my friends. I don’t have any idea how break-up feels like and I really don’t want to feel that. Well, who does, anyway? It’s enough that I had an idea from Isabella Marie Swan’s misery in New Moon. Actually, it’s already too much. I just feel like disappointed for these people who vowed forever and didn’t make it. I feel sorry for all the words and deeds before. It makes me nostalgic. I know that we were different ‘kids’ back then. We are still unsure about our priorities and plans for the future. I know that we were still very immature and that makes things and situations altered but what about promises? What about the quality time they spent for each other which are really unforgettable in their own kind? Are all of these things heading towards the garbage can? I hope not. Though they might say that there is still friendship, it’s not the same anymore because something already happened and something is already changed. It won’t be very much effective. What's done is done. No more turning back and wishing that it never did happen.

I am disappointed because first, I wanted them to be together forever. So, okay. I am over the fact that not all fairy tales end well. Maybe it was destiny’s mischievous game again and things happen for reasons, sure. Second disappointment is that I was looking up to those relationships. It was something admirable that fought against all odds and the kind of relationship that I see as ideal because they already endured a lot of challenges and still loving each other. It was tried and tested and seemed to know by now the dos and don’ts in a relationship. It was almost perfect and I cannot point out where everything started going wrong.

Despite the sad news I heard about that break-up thingy, my friend’s debut was still a wonderful bash. It was both elegant and party-full. It was F-U-N and I am really happy for that friend of mine because she is and was happy. I can tell it instantly. I can still imagine her in her gown and I know that she still imagines herself too. It will only happen once in her life and I am glad that I have been part of that too (Thanks too to CHGA because he agreed that I can go there :D) Her birthday was a perfect time for get-together despite of horrible exams for next week. Everyone is busy but took a time to detach. It was like an exception that says, “For once, quit those things and lose control”.


lucas said...

if you're more miserable than bella in new moon, then i suggest you see a shrink or something...hehe! ibang level naman talaga desperation ni bella dun... i find it somewhat exagerrated somehow...well, ganun tlaga yata..hehe...

Rhaingel said...

Haha. eh iniwan ba naman sya ng Edward nya eh. haha :))