Monday, August 10, 2009

The Desert's Call to the Rain

Oh, rain, how long shall you keep me waiting?
For your sweet kiss on my face so soothing
Will you wait for more corpses, dead of thirst?
Will you still wait for the volcano to burst?
So many arid nights I waited and wanted you
The sun has sucked up all that’s blue
And what’s left is only dullness and gray
Come back to me, I hope and pray
And never shall I wait too long again
When you come back, forever has begun
And the little angel will cover the sun
The snow so unique and pure will come down.

I watch the sky change to all its hue
Still, rain, no signs of you
What took you so long to finally be back to me?
Was it the wonder hill or the beautiful valley?
What blinded you and caused you not to see?
That I was waiting for you patiently and faithfully.
What made you deaf and caused you not to hear?
All my bittersweet whispers and messages for my dear.
What made you numb and caused you not to feel?
The nostalgia of missing our love - definitely real.
What made you endure doing nothing for us?
When I was here, remembering all the past.

Oh rain, during the day, I can’t help but weep
To listen to your promises which are all deep
But empty, verily, verily, verily, so empty,
Guiding me nowhere, leading me blindly
And when I see the clouds rolling by above
And the flocks and herds and the lonely dove
I know that I should only keep my hopes alive
For you are coming back, like a bee in its hive
Only I have to patiently wait for your coming
Not be tempted by the lake and river, oh darling.
You’ll come back after some exhausting travel
Finding me still here, not able to say farewell.

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