Sunday, August 02, 2009

A Different Phase

This blog resembles its author so much. It’s sometimes melancholic and always happy indeed. It’s seldom silent and often very talkative. It’s sometimes sweet but usually bitter about Math and Physics. Just like me, this blog changes a lot – from short stories to personal experiences to rational lessons to countdowns and lists of wishful things to poetry – name it all. However, as much as I talked about almost everything in here for more than a year, I have been reserving sensitive topics like religion, faith and politics only to myself. It’s not that I don’t want to talk about those things. Sure, I am game to everything, game to talk or debate on anything. It is also not because I have nothing good to say about these things. Sure, I have some, but it’s because those topics are very serious which might allow me to create a poll in here or a large discussion. I don’t want to emphasize differences here so I just allowed a little number of post for those topics. I want nothing but to make a mark of my existence through this blog, something peaceful but not too memorable, something true but not really exact and straightforward. Now, I am trying to move out of my comfort zone, trying to try out something new and hopefully still entertaining but true. It’s time to say more about the inner me, giving in to topics like religion and faith, trying to draw attention not to me but to God, His words and His works.

This is the little bit of thing that I have. I have a small free spot on the net, known by some people, read by a number of internet-surfers who appreciate words and efforts combined. I have a bit of time for reading and for writing and a bit of education to write in a universal language which most people understand. Though I constantly find myself crying with Nicholas Spark’s novels or life testimonies of other people who had an encounter with God, I can say that I have a bit of strength to tell people what I believe in and be proud of it. As they say that a little bit of everything can produce a great miracle, I am giving all this a-little-bit’s, hoping that lines in here will be transformed from “I hate this day!” into “The Lord is Good and so is this day!” unintentionally but whole-heartedly.

I am perfectly aware that I may lose my few readers because of this transformation, yet I trust God that He’ll use this blog as much as He uses those other sites which are really inspiring. In the end, everything will turn out right, I believe and I have enough faith to take in the risk of being unheard again and the risk of starting from scratch once more. That’s not easy but surely worth everything that I am planning.

However, despite of the changes I am planning to make, I am still pushing into poetry, heartaches, brain-farts and brain-arts. That crazy me is still somewhere in between those curiosity towards life. This is still my blog and is still my life. I just felt the need to warn my readers that there will be a few changes aiming to make everything better and transformed (Transformed- yeah, I think that’s the word I have been chasing around since yesterday.) so that they won’t be alarmed in any way that Rhaingel, the author of this blog, is missing and some alien-predator took in her place and hacked her site. That seems interesting, though.

Thanks, readers! Thanks for never getting tired of bearing with me!


ShatterShards said...

There is nothing wrong with expressing your religion and how it affects your daily life. What is to be avoided the expression of prejudices over someone else's religion, or lack thereof. As long as one's belief promotes equality and peace, one shouldn't fear readers' backlash.

I wish you luck on your journey towards finding epiphany.

Random Student said...

Ayus 'yan. Transformations are always interesting. ako nga i'm still learning how to walk...

The Rambler said...

I think it's great! God is great! And it's your blog. So you write what you want :)

Rhaingel said...

Thanks so much! I just don't want to lose all of my readers back then but now, I am ready, if it is the payment for expressing oneself. Thanks again! :)

Thanks! I am now opening a new phase. I hope that you'll continue reading :)

Thanks for the continuous support! :)

Who is Ann said...

I am overly honest on my blog. Some have said depressive. I feel that it is what feelings are washing in and out of me and to get them out helps me move on. I am very spiritual and look forward to your daily thoughts in that realm. Good luck with the transformation.

Rhaingel said...


Maybe this blog needs a little more honesty. haha. I am not saying that I am lying here but this is the kind of Rhaingel that I want to share. Thanks anyway for dropping by! :)