Thursday, August 06, 2009

From Confusion to Confidence

Separating myself from the Calculus and Physics thing, I came to reflect about the message in today’s scripture. From confusion to confidence, the bible speaks about ways to cope up with confusion and negative emotions, because we, people are mostly open to happy feelings but close our doors as soon as we feel that something is wrong. We do defense mechanisms to pretend that we are okay and we don’t like others to see that we are not having a good time.

Personally, being immature and everything, I suppress emotions when they seem to distract me from my usual activities. It’s difficult to deal with word problems when I have a broken heart. I flee from those sorts of things. I escape the suffocating heat of melancholy. When sadness seems to walk in the way, I keep myself busy so that I won’t have any time to linger on the bitterness. I’ll just concentrate on meeting deadlines and appearing to be the best that I can be, fooling no one but me. I admit, I am guilty in just trying to forget all negative emotions so when the same thing happen, I don’t know what to do because I didn’t face it during the first time. It’s true that the deeper you try to bury a certain emotion, the more it revenges against you. When we try to bury a feeling, we don’t actually bury it dead; instead, we bury a living feeling. Newton’s third law says that for every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction. That is also applicable to suppressing one’s feelings. The more we hide it, the more it tries to catch everyone’s attention. There is no other way except to face everything that is coming and be courageous. After all, the Lord will never ever leave us and won’t forsake us so there’s nothing to worry and nothing to be frightened of.

I also remember Morrie Schwartz saying that we should expose ourselves to every kind of feeling, embrace it and overcome it. Truly, we don’t get anything from hiding except for the piles of emotions bugging us during sleepless nights. On the other hand, if we will decide to turn our face to every trial sent by the Lord to strengthen us, we will sleep with a very light heart and worry-free mind and a wishful prayer asking God to mold us through these things. True, we will cry and grieve for a while because of facing a problem which may appear to be really difficult but in the long run, it is still better than constant hurting. True, it takes a little courage and some turns to admit that we are driving to the opposite direction but acknowledging this and doing appropriate actions will lead us to somewhere, apparently closer to our target place. This is a lot better than driving in the opposite direction and moving only farther and farther.

This is the lesson for today, more important than angular acceleration or elliptical hyperboloid. This is the lesson I still haven’t mastered and still needs a lot of practice and courage. This is the lesson which I still take for granted sometimes though I am already aware of. I am not an expert on this field but somehow, I do hope that I’ll hop on this post when I am trying to forget and escape everything. I also hope that somehow, this post may speak to you during the times that we are trying to keep ourselves busy to suppress unwanted emotions.

Have a great weekend, bloggers! May God bless you all! J


saul krisna said...

hmmm really nice post.... anak ng jueteng bigla akong tinamaan sa post mo... sabi nga nila... pag tinamaan ka sa binabasa mo that means good writer yung nag sulat ng post....

sa loob ng 3 minuto kong pag babasa eh dami kong natutunan sa iyo... thanks... by the way i add nga pala kita if you dont mind

Rhaingel said...

Thank you so much! Haha. Tingin ko kasi, ang message na ito ay dapat ishare sa iba. I am glad na na-touch or "tinamaan" ka. At least, I know that there is someone who have a similar experience.

I don't mind, actually, and it's my pleasure. Thanks ulet! :)