Tuesday, August 04, 2009

A Homecoming

It has been two years, since I graduated from high school and I wasn't able to absorb it until last Monday. I was overwhelmed with college that it didn’t allow me to have a thinking moment about what is actually over. I just lived and went on with the raging flow of time.

My current university includes Monday as a weekend (by that, I am so thankful) and because there is no classes, a high school friend, younger than me by a year and is still my schoolmate now that we’re college, asked my help for a Math topic. She is having some difficulties with a subject in which I am through. I said yes because I feel the need to share what I know, no matter how small it is. I feel the need to share my blessings to others who need it. In that case, it was the bit of education that I have and a year experience in my current university. Sometimes, Math topics go well with advices and a spoonful of encouragements. We decided to meet at our high school which isn’t that far away from home. The goal was to teach her and to visit my Alma Mater.

Monday came and everything planned go well (hmm... except for maybe, the twist of being late and the pressure that it contains). I saw my past teachers, my past room, my past table, my past school. It makes me really nostalgic to say the word ‘past’. It is as if it’s not yet over. It is as if I still belong to it. It feels like two years made me a different person and it made LAMS a different school. Yes, the foods in the canteen are still the same, only they are now selling it for a higher price. Yes, the paint in those familiar walls are still the same, only it doesn’t contain the fingerprints of my naughty classmates, trying to embark their “I was once here” legacy. I felt like I was in the place I already memorize but something is different and I can’t say it exactly.

If there is something really memorable about my high school, it will be the friends and teachers I had in there. The friends who used to be them and the ‘me’ who I used to be and the teachers who seem not to change at all. Now that I can pinpoint a lot of natural and acceptable changes in each of every one of us in the batch, only that school remains and contains all the laughing and crying memories of our years together. That school didn’t teach me enough information for me to be really proud of it until college. That school was not able to produce a student who can stand out everyone else in the university, but surely, that school honed me to be the person I am today who enjoyed so many memories in her life. I still owe them a lot. That institution holds a special part in the steps in achieving my dreams and plans I laid out myself.

It’s good to be back home once in a while and reminisce the past.


ceecee said...

Do you enjoy math? What is the highest level you have completed?

I enjoy math. I have a degree in mathematics and I'm planning to get my master's this upcoming fall. I'm very excited about this.

What math topic did you help out with?

Rhaingel said...

I am currently enjoying Math now. I am a college student in the University of the Philippines, Math major.

I helped her with domains and ranges of functions. Currently, I am studying Calculus :)

Thanks for dropping by! :)

lucas said...

i don't like Math... but i remember liking it once because of my brilliant Math professor in Third Year HS. Hhehe!

Nakakamiss na nga ang HS! waaa!

Rhaingel said...

Correct ka jan! HS memories make me very nostalgic :)