Monday, August 03, 2009

On Peace and Democracy: Tita Cory

One of the things that make Philippines stand out is the People Power Revolution. It was a manifestation of their nationalism, faith and their love for peace and democracy. It was one-of-a-kind and very distinct, something that tastes like Pinoys. I don’t think the same peaceful thing can still happen but I do hope so. The EDSA I (People Power Revolution) is something you can easily google and search on the Internet so I won’t be dealing much about it. I am after the death of the public figure during that revolution, the death of the bringer of the peace, the death of the mother of the Philippines, the death of Mrs. Corazon Aquino. People Power won't be the same without her and the Philippines won't be the same, either.

I wasn’t born during the time that Mrs. Aquino was the president of this country yet History books tell me that she is indeed someone worth remembering. History and experience are two different things and are really far from each other. I am sad that I only had a taste of the first one. Unfortunately, I only knew her as the wife of Ninoy Aquino (also a symbol of nationalism and democracy), the mother of Kris Aquino and the first Filipina president. My college experience tells me that Corazon Aquino is elite, a Cojuanco whose family is having a somehow political dynasty on lands. She was just Corazon Cojuanco-Aquino who was the next after Marcos and allowed Chinese Mestizos to bud their business here. After all, she was one of them.

Now that everything is sinking in and it is really clear that she’s dead, I know that I have a large misconception about her. She was and will always be Tita Cory who is well-loved by those prisoners of the Marcos era. She is the reason why they are enjoying their new life now. She will always be the mother of Philippine’s democracy and the one who had given Filipinos their hope when everything seemed abstract and endless. She will always be Cory Aquino – the ideal mother of everyone, and I was blinded with these things until I saw the Philippines grieving.

As a president, Corazon Aquino has always been admired and loved. She is a real emblem of humility. She is unlike so many presidents who is despised my many and who is commented negatively. As a president and a person, she has always been selfless and never greedy. I wasn’t living during those times but Filipinos won’t cry for her death if she was selfish and arrogant. I wish that I can live a life a bit similar to hers. I wish that I can be as selfless as her and never prioritize my own desires over the good of the majority. How I wish that I can also inspire others by my natural works, and not trying do so. She is indeed admirable in all of her ways.

I do believe that if ever Cory is seeing the unified Philippines now, she will be happy that even at her death, the messy political issues are silenced and people are focusing on the good acts she did. Busy people paused and reminisced and admired. I know that somewhere, she is praying for the Philippines, as she always does when she was still alive. I know that somewhere, she is happy for her children and their accomplishments and the rest of the Filipinos who love their own country. I know that somewhere, she's proud.

My prayers for Tita Cory are all sincere. May she really find peace and pride upon looking back on the things she did and how she made a difference on so many lives. She was and is really someone. She is an example to follow and look up to and is a hero in her own ways.

Farewell, Tita Cory! May you open more eyes!

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